Sheree on a fieldtrip to the Grampians National Park in Victoria

I have always been interested in the Earth Sciences; wondering how the Earth formed and how tectonic processes have changed the Earth over time. Hailing from a small town in East Gippsland in Victoria, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could actually study geoscience at university, and that I could actually make a career out of it! Being able to combine all this with my love of the outdoors was also a big plus.

I completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Monash University. My honours project was based in the Curnamona Province of South Australia. I looked at how deformation within rocks, such as faults and folds, can control copper mineralisation. This was looked at on various scales, from very large regional geophysical datasets which reveal larger tectonic processes to microscopic analysis of the rocks which show the small scale constraints on copper mineralisation. I really enjoyed how so many different aspects of geoscience could be integrated to solve a problem.

I am really excited to be working at Geoscience Australia; with the opportunity to work on some really unique projects that have real-world applications. My first rotation at Geoscience Australia is working on the magnetotelluric survey of Victoria. This type of survey uses geophysical techniques to measure the natural variation in the electric and magnetic fields of the Earth at depth. I am looking forward to learning a new branch of geophysics while applying the skills I learnt at university.

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