Meet our 2016 Graduates

Nine graduates were selected to join the 2016 Geoscience Australia Graduate Program. Meet the successful graduates and learn about their journey to Geoscience Australia.

Andrew took an interest in ICT when he was introduced to GIS software during his final year of a Bachelor of Science degree. This eventually led him to pursue a Master of Technology degree.

Bex first studied naval architecture because she was interested in understanding how yachts move on water. She later completed an Honours project in Physical Oceanography studying the behaviour of internal tides at rough topography in the deep ocean.

Claire K completed undergraduate studies in atmospheric science before undertaking an Honours project studying Southern Ocean water masses. She subsequently completed a PhD in paleoclimatology, which is the study of past climates.

Claire P first completed an undergraduate degree in resource and environmental management. After an inspirational trip as a volunteer on an Antarctic research voyage, she completed Honours and PhD research in marine science.

Eloise considers herself an ICT/Science 'hybrid'. Having studied both geology and ICT, she realises the huge benefits ICT can bring to the world of science.

Garrick has always been fascinated by computers and software. This led him to a double Electrical Engineering/Computer and Mathematical Sciences degree, before coming to the realisation that engineering in fact has an important creative problem-solving aspect.

Jade first studied geology as an elective at university, before eventually completing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geology. She later completed a PhD deciphering when and how different crustal blocks of Australia amalgamated during the Proterozoic Eon.

John studied aerospace engineering and theoretical physics before a stint at the International Space University taught him to no longer look up to the sky, but to see what could be learnt by looking back down. His Honours project introduced him to high performance computing.

Laurence completed a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in mathematics before working in software development. He later completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Surveying and Geoinformation Systems, undertaking an Honours project that combined data analysis, computer science and geodesy.