Meet our 2017 Graduates

Nine graduates were selected to join the 2017 Geoscience Australia Graduate Program. Meet the successful graduates and learn about their journey to Geoscience Australia.

Aero studied various aspects of earth and marine science through the Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) program at the Australian National University. His tertiary education took him all around eastern Australia, from the Twelve Apostles to the Great Barrier Reef, embellishing his innate curiosity of the natural world.

Cate studied geochemistry at the Australian National University, her undergraduate work and Honours year involved studying the chemical composition of rocks and fossils for information about the different environments they formed in.

Erin completed a Bachelor's and a First Class Master's Degree in science, majoring in Earth and ocean sciences, at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. After employment at university, and in mining and consulting, she has sought employment at Geoscience Australia to undertake a transparent and applied science career.

James' keen interest in geology, environment, scientific methodology, and problem solving developed from collecting rocks as a child and wondering how they formed. These interests led to the completion of a Bachelor of Geology at James Cook University, a stint working in mining, then a Master of Mineral Resources at the University of Queensland.

Jonathan studied computer science at the Australian National University, during which he worked part-time at Geoscience Australia. Through these experiences he's become passionate about applying technology to solving science problems in new and innovative ways.

Michael's love of mountains and the great outdoors lead him to study geology when he returned to university. He subsequently completed a First Class Honours Degree in Petroleum Geology and Geophysics at the University of Adelaide, and has undertaken postgraduate study in GIS and remote sensing.

Sharon was looking for a career change from the airline industry to environmental science but became hooked on rocks and ended up completing a Bachelor of Science (Geology). After a year in the mining industry as an Exploration Geologist, she returned to complete her Master of Science in Environmental Science.

Zena's passion for computer games and programming led him to study software engineering at the Australian National University. During his degree, Zena worked on a virtual reality project which sparked his interest in applying ICT to environmental science problems.