New seismic in the South Nicholson Basin region

In early August 2017 acquisition of deep crustal seismic reflection data was completed in the region between the southern McArthur Basin to the Mt Isa western succession, crossing the South Nicholson Basin and Murphy Province. Prior to this survey, the region contained no seismic data and minimal well data.

Five seismic lines were acquired totalling 1100 line km with two of the seismic lines to the east linking with existing deep crustal seismic data in the Mt Isa western succession. The acquisition was designed to explore exposed and undercover sedimentary basins to better understand the location and scale of potential energy resources.

This data will also support mineral exploration through the improved understanding of the region's geological evolution and through identification of geological terrains with greater potential. Initial field stack data are of excellent quality and image a variety of previously unknown features. The public release of processed data is expected in early-mid 2018.

Download seismic route: South Nicholson Basin [ZIP 638KB]