National Mineral Resources and Advice Project


The Mineral Resources and Advice project main activities are undertaking an annual national assessment of mineral resources and providing high quality, independent geoscientific and technical advice on mineral resources..

The project supports the Australian Government's resource policy and program development by contributing to:

  • sustainable development of mineral resources sector through improved resource management based on effective use of geoscientific information in decision making.
  • enhanced global attractiveness of Australia's exploration and development investment opportunities through increased knowledge of identified mineral resources.

Project outcome

Informed decision making on mineral resource management, land use planning and environmental protection through enabling access to geoscientific information.

Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2010 (AIMR 2010)

Australia's Identified
Mineral Resources 2010
(AIMR 2010)
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Project outputs

National assessment of mineral resources

  • Resources of more than 30 mineral commodities are provided in Australia's Identified Mineral Resources (AIMR), an online annual publication of national mineral resource assessments for all major and a number of minor mineral commodities mined.

Australian Mines Atlas

Technical advice to Government

Advice provided on mineral and energy resources, exploration, industry developments, land use and related environmental issues, includes: