Mineral Exploration Promotion Section


Geoscience Australia aims to facilitate increased exploration expenditure in Australia by promoting both the benefits of exploring in Australia and the geoscience information available to reduce exploration risk.

The Mineral Exploration Promotion Section seeks to encourage investment in mineral exploration and discovery of mineral resources in Australia by increasing the awareness of mineral exploration opportunities. Section activities include technical presentations and exhibitions at selected major national and international mineral exploration and mining conferences, and targeted releases of scientific reports, maps and datasets that highlight Australia┬┐s mineral resource potential.

Geoscience Australia's international mineral exploration promotion activities are undertaken as part of Australia Minerals, a partnership with the State and Northern Territory geological surveys and other agencies responsible for mining and exploration. Important destinations for these promotional activities include China, Japan, South Korea, India and Canada.

The program is coordinated through the Exploration Investment and Geoscience Working Group (EIGWG), of the Standing Council on Energy and Resources. EIGWG has developed a National Mineral Exploration Strategy.

Comprehensive information for investors in mineral and petroleum exploration and development is available from:

Section outcomes

  • Increased global awareness of mineral exploration opportunities in Australia
  • Enhanced global attractiveness of Australian exploration opportunities
  • Increased awareness of mineral exploration opportunities in Australia and of the pre-competitive geoscience information available to support mineral exploration in Australia.

Featured maps, reports and downloads

Recent mineral exploration promotion activity

  • Diggers and Dealers, Kalgoorlie, Australia, August 2013
  • Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC), Perth, Australia, September 2013
  • Mining 2013, Brisbane, Australia, October 2013
  • Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention 2013, Toronto, Canada, March 2013
  • Federation of Indian Mineral Industries Conference, Bangalore, India, September 2013
  • Australia-Japan Mineral Exploration Investment Seminar, Tokyo, October 2013
  • Mineral Exploration Investment Seminar, Beijing, China, November 2013
  • China Mining, Tianjin, China, November 2012


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