TASMAP: Understanding Major Geological Elements and Mineral Potential

This project concluded 30 June 2001.

Project description

In collaboration with Mineral Resources Tasmania, the University of Tasmania and the Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide based in Italy, Geoscience Australia initiated 'TASMAP: the Tasmanian mapping accord' project. TASMAP has evolved from the successful TASGO project, which was completed in 1997. That earlier study was based largely on the acquisition of extensive geophysical (aeromagnetic and seismic) datasets (AusGeo News 25, December 1994 and AusGeo News 26, February 1995). Geoscience Australia also generated new geochronological data to integrate with the earlier data (AusGeo News 39, April 1997). Data from both disciplines identified a major geological issue, which TASMAP addressed.

Project outcome

Enhanced exploration strategies, and promotion of, Northern Tasmania through a better understanding of the tectonic evolution of the region.