Groundwater Advice


Picture of a train carrying coal.

Coal train, Namoi River catchment.
Coal mining is one of the major
industries in the region and has
potential impacts for the quality
and quantity of groundwater
available for other uses in
the catchment.

Geoscience Australia provides professional hydrogeological advice and information to the Commonwealth, covering a range of groundwater resource issues to inform the responsible use of one of the nation's most important hidden natural resources.

The Groundwater Advice Section provides independent scientific advice to decision makers to support groundwater policy development. The section also provides input to water management agencies on issues such as water management planning in the Murray Darling Basin that have the potential to impact on the quality and quantity of groundwater resources. Much of the work is undertaken to better understand the potential impacts to groundwater from developing Australia's wealth of energy resources. This work includes evaluating the methods used to assess, monitor, mitigate and manage these impacts.

Advice provided on groundwater related issues includes:


Informed decision making on groundwater resource management environmental protection through access to geoscientific and spatial information.