Consultancy Services let during 2011-12 of $10000 or more

Consultant Name Description Contract Price
(inc GST)
Selection Process
Horizon Geoscience Consulting
Pty Ltd
Technical Specifications and Field Deployment Strategy for SAR Corner Reflectors $43,000.00 Not a Covered Procurement a
Stamford Interactive Client Profile Framework and Channel Strategy $72,076.36 Not a Covered Procurement b
Rob Kirk Consultants Pty Ltd Provision of Seismic and Stratigraphic Interpretation for the assessment of C02 Storage Prospectivity $69,818.18 Open Tender a
Barry John Drummond Information to assist GA in determining future options for the ATWS seismic analysis system $75,000.00 Not a Covered Procurement a
Intelligent Business Research Services Asset Management System Benefits Review $25,000.00 Not a Covered Procurement a
M.E Davis & A.C Evenden & R.J Field & A.D Rice T/A Adelta Legal Report on requirements for admissibility of satellite based information as legal evidence $24,000.00 Not a Covered Procurement a
JEM Solutions Pty Ltd Analysis and Strategic Roadmap toward the creation of a GA ‘Impact Assessment Framework’ $50,000.00 Not a Covered Procurement a
Workplace Research Associates
Pty Ltd
Work Level and Capability Framework $67,320.00 Not a Covered Procurement a
Bill Szydlik Architects Professional Services $10,700.00 Not a Covered Procurement a
TOTAL $436,914.54

(1) Explanation of selection process terms drawn from the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (December 2008):

Covered procurement

Covered procurement – a procurement, other than one that is specifically exempt, where the value of the property or services being procured exceeds the relevant procurement threshold. Covered procurements must comply with the Mandatory Procurement Procedures.

Open Tender:

A Covered Procurement in which a request for tender is published inviting all businesses that satisfy the conditions for participation to submit tenders.

Select Tender:

A covered procurement procedure in which the procuring agency selects which potential suppliers are invited to submit tenders in accordance with the mandatory procurement procedures.

Direct Sourcing:

A covered procurement process, available only under certain defined circumstances, in which an agency may contact a single potential supplier or suppliers of its choice and for which conditions for direct sourcing apply under the mandatory procurement procedures.


An arrangement under which a number of suppliers, usually selected through a single procurement process, may each supply property or services to an agency as specified in the panel arrangements.

(2) Justification

a - Need for specialised or professional skill
b - Skills currently unavailable within agency
c - Need for independent research or assessment