AusGeo News  March 2006  Issue No. 81

In this issue...


icon-Northern Arafura Basin article The northern Arafura Basin—a shallow water frontier

New research, along with previous exploration data, provides strong evidence for an active Palaeozoic petroleum system in this underexplored potential hydrocarbon province. >>More | Download PDF



icon - Bremer Sub-Basin article The Bremer Sub-Basin—a new deepwater petroleum opportunity

The recent completion of Geoscience Australia's Bremer Sub-basin Study heralded the first frontier exploration opportunity under the Australian Government's Big New Oil Program. >>More | Download PDF



icon - nitrogen article Clean or green—Nitrogen in temperate estuaries

Nitrogen input thresholds for nutrient enrichment identified. >>More | Download PDF



icon - Diatoms article Diatoms—keeping estuaries clean

Diatoms help maintain water quality by moving nitrogen into estuary sediments. >>More | Download PDF



icon - SHRIMP article article A time machine for Geoscience Australia

A new SHRIMP ion microprobe means improved geochronological support for mineral exploration in Australia. >>More | Download PDF



icon - Big blows article Beating the big blows

New research assesses severe-wind risks. >>More | Download PDF

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