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View Scanned 1:250 000 Geology Maps on the Geoscience Portal
View or download scanned images of all 1:250 000 scale geology maps of Australia. Images are available in 75 DPI, 125 DPI or 250 DPI resolution JPG files. The images are not spatially georeferenced. This application is deliverd on the Geoscience Portal (, a collaborative web portal maintained by Geoscience Australia on behalf of all Australian State, Territory and Commonwealth geological survey agencies.
Australian Stratigraphic Units Database
The Australian Stratigraphic Units Database (ASUD) is the national authority on stratigraphic names in Australia. It originated as the National Register of Stratigraphic Names in 1949. The register was originally set up to help geoscientists adhere to the then newly created Australian Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature (Lenz, et al, 1996). All information was held in a card file system until 1979 when the database was first developed electronically. The database now records information on all Australian stratigraphic units and their usage in published literature. The database contains over 15000 currently approved stratigraphic names and over 30000 variations, most of which are superseded, obsolete, or misspelt versions of the current names. The database is maintained by Geoscience Australia on behalf of the Australian Stratigraphy Commission, a standing committee of the Geological Society of Australia. Data can be queried and downloaded at the ASUD website at