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Start the online Australian Spatial Information System (AMSIS)
AMSIS is a web based interactive mapping and decision support system that improves access to integrated government and non-government information in the Australian Marine Jurisdiction. AMSIS contains over 80 layers of information including maritime boundaries, bathymetry, physical and environmental information, legal interests, fisheries and shipping that has been sourced from Geoscience Australia, other Australian government agencies and some industry sources. AMSIS also contains the offshore mineral locations data that was used to create the Offshore Minerals Map. AMSIS has been developed using standards to support interoperability enabling integration with the National Oceans Portal and other on-line initiatives. Geoscience Australia is working with other agencies and organisations to add additional information. Information in this application should not be relied upon as the sole source of information for commercial and operational decisions. AMSIS should not be used for navigational purposes.