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Geoscience Australia's Geochron Delivery System
Geoscience Australia's Geochron Delivery system is the retrieval system for geochronological data stored by Geoscience Australia. The system will be continually updated as the volume, variety and quality of available geochronological data increase. The initial (September 2011) release contains only ion microprobe (SHRIMP) data, comprising data from about 560 samples, chiefly derived from Geoscience Australia's previous Geochronology OZCHRON. Migration of further OZCHRON data, and upload of more recent data (including analyses obtained in collaboration with the States and the Northern Territory under the National Geoscience Agreement) is ongoing and continuous.
Rock Properties web delivery application
Rock properties provide the vital link between observed geophysical data and interpreted geology. Geoscience Australia has periodically made measurements of rock properties to support various investigations into the composition and structure of the subsurface. The Rock Properties Project consolidates this information into a single database structure and makes it accessible to external clients via a web delivery application. We have chosen to initially concentrate on mass density and magnetic properties, as these are of prime importance to the important gravity and magnetic datasets maintained for the Australian region by Geoscience Australia. Additional property types and more extensive datasets will be added over time.
Australian Fundamental Gravity Network
Web delivery system to provide locality description and images of AFGN stations to the general public.
Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System Application
This system provides magnetic, radiometric, gravity and digital elevation data from Australian National, State and Territory Government geophysical data archives.