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Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field Values Application
An application to calculate geomagnetic field values in Australia using the 2010 Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field model (AGRF) model.
Australia-wide Total Intensity Variability Application
Using data from the six Australian continental magnetic observatories, a contour display of the rate-of-change of magnetic total intensity, F, over the continent is shown below. This provides a broad view of how F changes across Australia. The units shown on the contours are in nanoTesla per hour. The grey squares indicate the locations of the magnetic observatories. Both real-time and historic data can be displayed in this format. All maps are generated from a period of 15 minutes of observatory data and available at 15 minute intervals.
Minute Values Request Form Application
Minute Values Request Form
Canberra Realtime Data Application
Canberra Realtime Data for last 24 hours