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Landslide Search
This application allows users to search for - naturally-occurring landslides - landslides with a significant human contribution or directly triggered by humans,- flood events causing significant erosion, and - flash flood events involving mud or debris - which have been recorded by Geoscience Australia and contributing scientific organisations and returns these landslide and flood events along with their associated data. - Human-triggered landslides include events such as sand collapses caused by children digging holes or tunnels, boulders displaced by climbers, rock ledges breaking off when a person stands or sits on them, and collapses caused by excavation. Landslides are often called landslips and the terms are interchangeable.
Landslides Data Entry
Natural hazards have an impact on every Australian State and Territory. These hazards include bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, severe weather, tsunami and volcanoes. These phenomena threaten lives and damage private and public assets, as well as disrupt water, power, transport and communication services. These hazards and their associated impacts also can seriously affect employment, public administration and incomes to industry, agriculture and commerce.
Australian Landslides Data Model
Currently a number of different landslide inventories exist in various databases within Australia, and each uniquely addresses a specific purpose. These databases range in scale and detail, and although some similarities and a number of common themes are apparent between databases, the method in which information is organised and described varies considerably.