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Cooper Basin region 3D map (Version 1) consisting of surfaces of buried granites and basin features View Spatial Extents Model download 14/Jul/2009
Gravity, magnetic and bathymetry grids from levelled data for Southwest Australia : Southwest region n/a GA Publication download 08/Jun/2001
Great Australian Bight Remote Sensing of Hydrocarbon Seepage View Spatial Extents GIS Dataset n/a 21/May/2001
Great Australian Bight. Basement Framework from Potential Field Studies and Regional Petroleum Geology View Spatial Extents GIS Dataset download 22/Sep/2000
Interpreted Horizons and Faults for Seismic Survey 128 Outer Carnarvon, Roebuck and Browse Basins View Spatial Extents Data Package download 19/Jun/2001
Interpreted Horizons and Faults for Seismic Survey 130 Browse Basin View Spatial Extents Data Package download 18/Jun/2001
National Petroleum Wells Database n/a Petroleum Data n/a 06/Dec/2010
OZCHEM National Whole Rock Geochemistry Dataset View Spatial Extents Thematic Data download 11/Oct/2007
Petroleum Information Management System (PIMS) n/a Database n/a 21/Dec/2010
Potential-field Data Covering the Capel and Faust Basins, Australia's Remote Offshore Eastern Frontier n/a GA Publication download 30/Nov/2010
Set of Digital Grids of Crustal Thickness, Moho Depth, Thinning Factor and Residual Continental Crust for South Australia and Antarctica Conjugate Rifted Margins Resulting from Satellite Gravity Inversion by Nick Kusznir on a Contract with Geoscience Australia n/a Data Package download 17/Mar/2009
Thermal Conductivity Dataset n/a Data Package download 21/Mar/2011