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3D Geophysical Inversion Modelling of the Wallaby Plateau: Evidence for Continental Crust and Seaward-Dipping Reflectors Goodwin, J.A.Hackney, R.Williams, N.C. 2015 16/Jan/2015
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the central and eastern Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales : July 2013-June 2014 Bodorkos, S.Blevin, P.L.Campbell, L.M.Trigg, S.J.Downes, P.M. 2015 11/Feb/2015
Sea Level Monitoring Project : CGPS Coordinate Time Series Analysis Report Jia, M.Dawson, J.Twilley, B.Hu, G. 2015 26/Mar/2015
The Design of Radar Corner Reflectors for the Australian Geophysical Observing System : A single design suitable for InSAR deformation monitoring and SAR calibration at multiple microwave frequency bands Garthwaite, M.C.Nancarrow, S.Hislop, A.Thankappan, M.Dawson, J.H.Lawrie, S. 2015 26/Mar/2015
2010 Katherine VLBI Observatory Local Tie Survey Ruddick, R. 2014 19/Jun/2014
50 Years of Australian Earthquakes Poster Glanville, D.H. 2014 04/Mar/2015
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2011 - Revised McKay, A.D.Carson, L.Huleatt, M.Miezitis, Y.Porritt, K.Whitaker, A.J.Summerfield, D.Kay, P.Towner, R.Sexton, M.Champion, D.C.Huston, D.Schofield, A.Hoatson, D. 2014 07/Jul/2014
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2012 - Revised McKay, A.D.Miezitis, Y.Porritt, K.Champion, D.C.Britt, A.F.Whitaker, A.J.Summerfield, D.Sexton, M.Jaireth, S.Huston, D.Hoatson, D.Schofield, A.Carson, L.Towner, R.Huleatt, M. 2014 19/Jun/2014
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2013 McKay, A.D.Miezitis, Y.Porritt, K.Britt, A.F.Champion, D.C.Cadman, S.Towner, R.Summerfield, D.Whitaker, A.Huston, D.Jaireth, S.Sexton, M.Schofield, A.Hoatson, D.Senior, A.B.Carson, L. 2014 03/Jun/2014
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2014 Britt, A.F.Whitaker, A.Cadman, S.Summerfield, D.Kay, P.Champion, D.C.McKay, A.Miezitis, Y.Porritt, K.Schofield, A.Jaireth, S. 2014 22/Oct/2014
Australian Energy Resource Assessment - Second Edition Carson, L. 2014 13/Jun/2014
Australian Mineral Exploration Review 2013 Senior, A.B. 2014 12/Feb/2014
Australian Seismological Report 2013 Glanville, D.H. 2014 29/Jul/2014
Coastal inundation modelling for Busselton, Western Australia, under current and future climate Martin, S.Moore, D.Hazelwood, M. 2014 29/Jan/2014
Constraining Surface Deformation Predictions from Coal Seam Gas Extraction Brown, N.J. 2014 30/Jul/2014
Crystal Models Geoscience Australia 2014 06/May/2014
Determination of GDA94 coordinates for eighty-four stations of GPSnet in Victoria using the October 2012 GPS data set Hu, G.Dawson, J. 2014 13/Mar/2014
EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Apia, Western Samoa, May 2013 Yates, S.J.K.Lal, A. 2014 21/May/2014
EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Apia, Western Samoa, November 2011 Yates, S.J.K.Lal, A. 2014 21/May/2014
EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Funafuti, Tuvalu, July 2013 Yates, S.J.K.Lal, A. 2014 21/May/2014