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Calcareous microplankton biostratigraphy of the Eocene Browns Creek Clay in the Aire District, Otway Basin of southeastern Australia: an update Shafik, S. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy: an assessment of foraminiferal and sedimentation events in the Eocene of the Otway Basin, southeastern Australia Shafik, S. 1983 05/Jun/2014
Calcareous nannofossils from the Toolebuc Formation, Eromanga Basin, Australia Shafik, S. 1984 05/Jun/2014
Calibration and data processing for airborne gamma-ray spectrometry Minty, B.R.S.Luyendyk, A.P.J.Brodie, R.C. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Calibration of gravity meters with a quartz-mechanism Coutts, D.A.Wellman, P.Barlow, B.C. 1980 05/Jun/2014
Can rank-size 'laws' be used for undiscovered petroleum and mineral assessments? Riesz, E.J. 1978 05/Jun/2014
Carboniferous and Permian palynostratigraphy in Australia and Antarctica: a review Kemp, E.M.Balme, B.E.Helby, R.J.Kyle, R.A.Playford, G.Price, P.L. 1977 05/Jun/2014
Characterising the distribution of dissolved and residual NAPL petroleum hydrocarbons in unconfined aquifers to effect remediation Davis, G.B.Johnston, C.D.Thierrin, J.Power, T.R.Patterson, B.M. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Chemical and isotopic characterisation and sedimentation rates in Princess Charlotte Bay, Queensland Torgersen, T.Chivas, A.R.Chapman, A. 1983 05/Jun/2014
Chemistry of manganese nodules from the Cape Leeuwin field off Western Australia Frakes, L.A.Exon, N.F.Granath, J.W. 1977 05/Jun/2014
Chlorine-36 measurements in the Murray Basin: preliminary results from the Victorian and South Australian Mallee region Davie, R.F.Kellett, J.R.Fifield, L.K.Evans, W.R.Calf, G.E.Bird, J.R.Topham, S.Ophel, T.R. 1989 05/Jun/2014
Classification, genesis and evolution of ferruginous surface grains Clarke, J.D.A.Chenoweth, L. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Clavohamulus primitus - A key North American conodont found in the Georgina Basin Druce, E.C. 1978 05/Jun/2014
Clay modelling of the Fitzroy Graben Rixon, L.K. 1978 05/Jun/2014
Climatic corrections to Australian heat-flow data Cull, J.P. 1979 05/Jun/2014
Cobar-style polymetallic Au-Cu-Ag-Pb-Zn deposits Lawrie, K.C.Hinman, M.C. 1998 05/Jun/2014
Combined seismic-gravity interpretation over the Donnybrook Anticline, central Queensland Anfiloff, V. 1982 05/Jun/2014
Compilation and production of the 1976 1:5 000 000 Gravity Map of Australia Anfiloff, W.Barlow, B.C.Murray, A.S.Denham, D.Sandford, R. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Computer manipulation of a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of Australia Moore, R.F.Simpson, C.J. 1982 05/Jun/2014
Conodont apparatuses in an Upper Devonian palaeoniscoid fish from the Canning Basin, Western Australia Nicoll, R.S. 1977 05/Jun/2014