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Gardner and Naylor vibration tests, Hawthorn Victoria 1961 Radeski, A.M. 1961 01/Jan/1961
General Motors-Holden vibration tests, Fisherman's Bend, Victoria 1961 Mann, P.E.Radeski, A.M. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geochemical investigation of copper mineralisation at Loluai (Suloga Peninsula, Woodlark Island, Papua) Trail, D.S.Fricker, A.G. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geochemical prospecting for copper in the Tennant Creek gold-field, Northern Territory McMillan, N.J.Debnam, A.H. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geological history of the Cairns-Townsville hinterland, North Queensland White, D.A. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geological history of the Cairns-Townsville hinterland, North Queensland White, D.A. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geological inspection of prospecting work carried out under exclusive prospecting licence one (Papua) on Misima Island, February, 1961 Pritchard, P.W. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geological reconnaissance of the Rawlinson-Macdonald area, Western Australia Wells, A.T.Forman, D.J.Ranford, L.C. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geological report on the surface penstock route and the No 2 power station site, Port Moresby hydroelectric scheme Davies, H.L. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geology and mineral deposits of the Mossman 1:250 000 Sheet area, north Queensland Skillings. Mining Reviewde Keyser, F. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geology of the Bedourie, Machattie, Birdsville, Betoota 4-mile Sheet areas in western Queensland Reynolds, M.A.Olgers, F.Jauncey, W. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geology of the Belconnen area, Australian Capital Territory Wilson, E.G. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geomagnetic K-index scale at Port Moresby Brooks, J.A.Pinn, J.D. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Geophysical Branch - Summary of activities, 1961 BMR. Geophysical Branch. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Great Lake power development geophysical surveys, Tasmania 1957/59 Wiebenga, W.A.Polak, E.J. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Ground water resources of the Cabbage Gum Basin, Tennant Creek - progress report No 4 Crohn, P.W. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Half-yearly report of petrographic and mineragraphic work for the period January - June, 1961 Roberts, W.M.B. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Halls Creek area airborne radiometric survey, Western Australia 1960 Gardener, J.E.F. 1961 01/Jan/1961
International gravity meter ties, 1959 Williams, L.W.Goodspeed, M.J.Flavelle, A.J. 1961 01/Jan/1961
Ironstone occurrences east of Cosmopolitan Howley mine, Brock's Creek area, Northern Territory Crohn, P.W. 1961 01/Jan/1961