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Bushfires in Victoria Feburary 2009 poster Davis, L.I. 2009 28/Oct/2014
Ceduna Sub-basin, Bight Basin, Results of 3D Petroleum Systems Modelling Struckmeyer, H.I.M. 2009 07/Sep/2009
Future Directions for the National Earthquake Hazard Map for Australia Burbidge, D.Allen, T.I.Collins, C.McPherson, A. 2009 23/Aug/2011
Metamorphic Evolution and Integrated Terrane Analysis of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton: Rationale, Methods, Outcomes and Interpretation Goscombe, B.Blewett, R.S.Czarnota, K.Groenewald, B.R.Maas, R. 2009 17/Nov/2009
Nutrient Sources, Water Quality and Biogeochemical Processes in the Coorong, South Australia Haese, R.R.Murray, E.J.Wallace, L. 2009 21/Jul/2009
Oil and Gas Resources of Australia 2006 Geoscience Australia 2009 11/Feb/2011
Oil and Gas Resources of Australia 2008 Geoscience Australia 2009 11/Feb/2011
Presentations from the North Queensland Seismic and MT Workshop, Townsville, June 2009 Mason, D.Withnall, I.W.Neumann, N.Lambeck, L.Henderson, R.A.Hutton, L. 2009 06/Aug/2009
Strato Volcano - cut-out 3D model Geoscience Australia 2009 11/Apr/2009
The Cooper Basin Region 3D Map Version 1: A Search for Hot Buried Granites Meixner, A.J.Holgate, F.L. 2009 05/Jun/2009
Tsunami Modelling Validation: The Impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami on Geraldton, Western Australia Horspool, N.A.Griffin, J.D.Van Putten, K. 2009 05/Aug/2011
Description of Ornamental Building Stones used in the Ground Foyer of the Geoscience Australia Building, Symonston, ACT Butler, P.J. 2008 14/Sep/2009
Description, Distribution and Potential CO2 Storage/Seal Capacity of the Cenozoic Sandstones and Carbonates, Browse Basin, Western Australia Simpson, A.Cooper, M. 2008 06/Aug/2008
NSW Continental Slope Survey - Post Cruise Report Glenn, K.C.Post, A.Keene, J.Boyd, R.Fountain, L. 2008 22/Sep/2008
Oil and Gas Resources of Australia 2005 Geoscience Australia 2008 11/Feb/2011
Oil and Gas Resources of Australia, 2007 Geoscience Australia 2008 11/Feb/2011
Proterozoic Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatic Events Resource Package Hoatson, D.M.Claoue-Long, J.C.Jaireth, S. 2008 19/May/2010
Review of Australian Offshore Natural Hydrocarbon Seepage Studies Logan, G.A.Jones, A.T.Ryan, G.J.Wettle, M.Thankappan, M.Grosjean, E.Kennard, J.M. 2008 06/Feb/2009
Geoscience Australia Marine Survey SS06/2006 Post-Survey Report: Natural Hydrocarbon Seepage Survey on the Central North West Shelf Jones, A.T.Kennard, J.M.Ryan, G.J.Bernardel, G.Earl, K.L.Rollet, N.Grosjean, E.Logan, G.A. 2007 08/Sep/2008
Molecular and Stable Isotopic (2H/1H AND 13C/12C) Compositions of Natural Gas from the Exmouth Plateau, Carnarvon Basin Edwards, D.S.Boreham, C.J.Hope, J.M.Buckler, T. 2007 18/Jan/2014