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The Scotia groundwater discharge complex, Murray Basin, SE Australia Ferguson, J. 1996 01/Aug/1996
The structure and evolution of the Bass and Durroon Basins as delineated by aeromagnetic data Gunn, P.J.Mitchell, J.N.Meixner, A.J. 1996 15/Nov/1996
Thermal Modelling on the North West Shelf Deighton, I. 1996 29/Jul/2010
Visualising waterbore data with ArcView2 Gallagher, R. 1996 09/Aug/1996
map Kit - Advanced - geology & geophysics Lewis, G. 1996 14/May/1996
map Kit - Assorted Geoscientific maps Lewis, G. 1996 14/May/1996
A report on 61 thin sections from the Home of Bullion area east of Barrow Creek, Northern Territory Wyborn, L.A.I. 1995 26/Jun/2012
AGSO Cruise 125 Report : Tasmante Swath-mapping and Reflection Seismic Cruise off Tasmania using R.V. L'Atalante Exon, N.F.Hill, P.J.Royer, J.Y.Muller, D.Whitmore, G.Belton, D.Dutkiewicz, A.Ramel, C.Rollet, N.Wellington, A. 1995 24/Jan/1995
AGSO Research Newsletter 22 Geoscience Australia 1995 28/May/2013
AGSO Research Newsletter 23 Geoscience Australia 1995 28/May/2013
An inventory of saline water disposal basins, Murray Basin Hostetler, S.Radke, B.M. 1995 24/Mar/1995
Antarctic CRC Marine Geoscience, Prydz Bay, Mac.Robertson Shelf and Kerguelen Plateau, 1995 : Post-cruise Report : AGSO Cruise 149, ANARE Voyage 6, 1994/95 (BANGSS) O'Brien, P.E.Harris, P.T.Quilty, P.G.Taylor, F.Wells, P. 1995 07/Dec/1995
Australian Petroleum Systems. Exmouth Plateau & Outer Rankin Platform module Spencer, L.Sayers, J.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Foster, C.Murray, A.Edwards, D.S.Zuccaro, G.Buchanan, C.Apps, H. 1995 27/Jun/2001
Australian Petroleum Systems. Petrel Sub-basin module McConachie, B.A.Bradshaw, M.T.Edgecombe, S.Foster, C.Bradshaw, J.Evans, D.Nicoll, R.S.Jones, P. 1995 25/Mar/2011
Australian Petroleum Systems. Roebuck and Offshore Canning Basins - Beagle Sub-basin module Sayers, J.Spencer, L.Foster, C.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Blevin, J.E.Murray, A.Edwards, D.S.Borissova, I.Zuccaro, G.Buchanan, C.Edgecombe, S.Brown, T.Vizy, J. 1995 27/Jun/2001
Australian Regolith Conference '94 Pain, C.F.Craig, M.A. 1995 20/Nov/1995
Cainozoic Sedimentary Basins in the Alice Springs Region: Records of Drilling and Reconnaissance Geology Senior, B.R. 1995 09/May/2011
Cambrian : Australian Phanerozoic Timescales Biostratigraphic Charts and Explanatory Notes Second Series Shergold, J.H. 1995 09/Jun/1995
Canning Basin Project Stage II - Geohistory Modelling Kennard, J.M.Jackson, M.J.Romine, K.K.Southgate, P.N. 1995 22/Feb/1995
Carboniferous : Australian Phanerozoic Timescales Biostratigraphic Charts and Explanatory Notes Second Series Jones, P.J. 1995 23/Jul/1995