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Stratigraphic drilling in the southern Carpentaria Basin, 1970 Needham, R.S.Smart, J.Grimes, K.G.Doutch, H.F. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Summary of offshore petroleum legislation Taylor-Rogers, H.S. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Summary of oil search activities in Australia and Papua New Guinea during 1970 Nicholas, E. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Summary of petroleum legislation in Australia and the Territory of Papua New Guinea - September 1971 Taylor-Rogers, H.S. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Tests on the Ronka EM16 VLF prospecting equipment, Western Australia 1969 Langron, W.J.Haigh, J.E. 1971 01/Jan/1971
The Antrim Plateau Volcanics, Victoria River district, Northern Territory Bultitude, R.J. 1971 01/Jan/1971
The Precambrian geology of the Oscar Range Inlier, Lennard River 1:250,000 Sheet area, SE 51-8, Western Australia Derrick, G.M.Gellatly, D.C. 1971 01/Jan/1971
The geology of the Waterloo, Victoria River Downs, Limbunya and Wave Hil 1:250 000 sheet areas, Northern Territory Sweet, I.P.Mendum, J.R.Bultitude, R.J.Morgan, C.M. 1971 01/Jan/1971
The geology of the Yampi 1:250 000 sheet area, SE/51-3, Western Australia Sofoulis, J.Gellatly, D.C.Derrick, G.M.Farbridge, R.A.Morgan, C.M. 1971 01/Jan/1971
The gravity reductions, storage and retrieval system used by BMR Bellamy, C.J.Lodwick, G.D.Townsend, D.G. 1971 01/Jan/1971
The stability of magnetisation in basic igneous rocks Stott, P.M. 1971 01/Jan/1971
The thickness of the earth's crust obtained from the spectrum of P waves at Charters Towers, Honiara, Port Moresby and Rabaul Denham, D. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Third-order regional magnetic survey in eastern Australia, 1968 and 1969 van der Linden, J. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Three component fluxgate magnetic variograph type MFR-1 Seers, K.J. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Visit to Tumut 3 project, Snowy Mountains, and Little Scotland Dam, Victoria, May 1971 Saltet, J.A.Simpson, G.B. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Visit to USA and Canada, 1967 Young, F.A. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Visit to the Hydro-Electric Commission, Tasmania, May 1970 Saltet, J.A. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Well completion report, Wollongong (B.M.R.) Nos. 1, 2 and 2A wells, Sydney Basin, N.S.W Ozimic, S. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Wells and footage drilled for petroleum exploration and development in Australia and Papua New Guinea in 1970 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1971 01/Jan/1971
Zinc pollution in the Molonglo River system Haldane, A.D. 1971 01/Jan/1971