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Integrated spatial information systems in BMR : a report on findings to the BMR IRMC Moore, R.F.Stagg, H.M.J.Chopra, P.N. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Integrated geological and geophysical mapping of southwestern Western Australia Whitaker, A.J. 1994 05/Jun/2014
Installation of a seismograph at Kalgoorlie Western Australia 1964 Everingham, I.B. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Inspection of white clay deposits, Jervis Bay, ACT 1968 Gardner, D.E. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Inspection of radiometric anomalies "A.B.C." Reserve, Katherine, Northern Territory Gardner, D.E. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Inspection of manganese deposits, Pilbara area, Western Australia 1964 White, D.A. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Inspection of a possible damsite on the Cotter River about one mile upstream from Vanity's Crossing, Australian Capital Territory September 1964 Carter, E.K. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Inspection of Jervis Bay, Australian Capital Territory Dune sand deposits, October, 1965 Henderson, G.A.M. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Innovative Visualisation for Australia's Marine Zone Watford, F.A.Beard, D.J.Hay, R.J.Ambrose, K. 2005 02/Apr/2009
Injune Creek Group - amendments and an addition to stratigraphic nomenclature in the Surat Basin Swarbrick, C.F.Gray, A.R.G.Exon, N.F. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Initial results of Sonne cruise SO-15 on the East Australian continental shelf, September-November 1980 Colwell, J.B.Jones, H.A.Davies, P.J. 1981 01/Jan/1981
Initial investigations for aircraft compass swinging site, Avalon Airfield, Victoria Brooks, H.A. 1955 01/Jan/1955
Initial geological report on the Wigley's Gorge dam site, NT Jones, N.O. 1957 01/Jan/1957
Infrared aerial photography tests, Queensland 1966 Polak, E.J.Wiebenga, W.A. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Information on Western Australian earthquakes which occurred during periods 1849-1900 and 1923-1960 Everingham, I.B.Tilbury, L. 1971 01/Jan/1971
Influence of environment on contrasting styles of volcanism, volcaniclastics, and sedimentation : the Devonian boyd volcanic complex, southeastern Australia : IAVCEI, Canberra 1993 : excursion guide Cass, R.Bull, S. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Induced polarisation test survey Rum Jungle Eadie, E.N. 1964 01/Jan/1964
Indicated natural gas and crude oil production and potential of wells in Australia: 30th September, 1966 Konecki, M.C.Bell, M.D. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Indian Ocean earthquake felt in Australia 19 November 1906 Gregson, P.J.Everingham, I.B. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Indexes to the analyses of calcium and magnesium carbonate rocks and other sedimentary rocks rich in either calcium, magnesium, or phosphorous Joplin, G.A. 1977 01/Jan/1977