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Marine geophysical survey, north west continental shelf, 1968 : preview report Whitworth, R.Turpie, A. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mawson Geophysical Observatory, annual report 1966 Towson, P. 1968 01/Jan/1968
McDills, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Stewart, A.J. 1968 17/Apr/2014
Melbourne Observatory Group annual report 1966 van der Waal, C.A. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Merredin-Perth airborne magnetic and radiometric traverses for Upper Mantle Project, Western Australia 1966 Tipper, D.B. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Micropalaeontological examination of samples from Papua - New Guinea Terpstra, G.R.J. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Middle and Upper Cambrian sedimentary rocks in the northern part of the Northern Territory Brown, M.C. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mineral Resources Branch summary of activities 1968 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mineral processing in Australia: Tin Ward, J. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mineral processing in Australia: titanium Ward, J. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Miscellaneous chemical and petrographic investigations carried out in the Geological Laboratory, January-December, 1968 Lord, H.R.Rew, P.M. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mooring of off-shore drilling vessels White, J.A.W. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mount Hardy geophysical survey, Northern Territory 1967 Haigh, J.E. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mount Minza area experimental geophysical surveys, Northern Territory 1966 and 1967 Duckworth, K. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mount Minza area, NT : drilling recommendation Duckworth, K. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Mount Rennie, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Ranford, L.C. 1968 17/Apr/2014
Mundaring Geophysical Observatory annual report 1966 Everingham, I.B. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Musgrave Block airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, South Australia 1967 Waller, D.R. 1968 01/Jan/1968
National report on gravity in Australia, January 1963 to December 1966 Barlow, B.C. 1968 01/Jan/1968
North Eromanga and Drummond Basins gravity surveys, Queensland 1959-1963 Gibb, R.A. 1968 01/Jan/1968