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Hydraulic calibration of the GABHYD model of the Great Artesian Basin Seidel, G.E. 1978 01/Jan/1978
Huon River/Black Fish Creek dam site geophysical surveys, Tasmania 1959-60 Wiebenga, W.A.Polak, E.J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Hughes reservoir site investigation, Deakin, ACT Michail, F.N.Hohnen, P.D. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Huckitta, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Smith, K.G. 1963 17/Apr/2014
Howick area reports Veevers, J.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Howard Springs radiometric investigation, Northern Territory 1952 Dyson, D.F. 1963 01/Jan/1963
Hot-spot volcanism in St Andrew Strait, Papua New Guinea: geochemistry of a Quaternary bimodal rock suite Johnson, R.W.Smith, I.E.M.Taylor, S.R. 1978 05/Jun/2014
Holocene carbonate environments in South Australia and Western Australia Report on a field excursion to the Coorong Lagoon area and Yorke Peninsula (SA), and Hutt Lagoon, Shark Bay and Lake Macleod (WA) Walter, M.R.Bauld, J.Burne, R.V.Ferguson, J.Jackson, M.J.Kennard, J.Muir, M.D.Skyring, G.W. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Holocene Palaeo-Environmental changes, central to north Great Barrier Reef inner zone Chappell, J.Chivas, A.R.Wallensky, E.Polach, H.A.Aharon, P. 1983 05/Jun/2014
Hodgson Downs, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Dunn, P.R. 1962 17/Apr/2014
Hoddles Creek geophysical survey, Victoria, 1965 Smith, R.J. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Hoddles Creek Geophysical Survey, Victoria 1965 Smith, R.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Hobart tunnel site seismic refraction survey, Tasmania 1960 Polak, E.J.Duggin, M.J.W. 1960 01/Jan/1960
History of petroleum search in the Canning Basin, Western Australia, to 31 December 1974 Mayne, S.J. 1975 01/Jan/1975
History of petroleum exploration in Australia and the Territory of Papua and New Guinea to 1967 Marchant, S. 1967 01/Jan/1967
History of manganese development - Groote Eylandt Crohn, P.W.Dunn, P.R. 1965 01/Jan/1965
History of geoscientific investigations in West Kalimantan, Indonesia de Keyser, F.Noya-Sinay, J. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Historical development of the Australian mineral industry McLeod, I.R. 1987 01/Jan/1987
Historic environmental changes and sediment-based condition assessment for Hardy Inlet, Western Australia Haese, R.R.Smith, C.S.Forbes, V.Macphail, M.Hancock, G. 2010 07/Nov/2011
Highland Rocks, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Hodgson, I.M. 1977 17/Apr/2014