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Hydrological implications of recent geological work in the Great Artesian Basin Vine, R.R. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Hydrologic basins in Australia Hahn, G.W. 1963 01/Jan/1963
Hydrogeology of a raised coral atoll - Niue Island, South Pacific Ocean Jacobson, G.Hill, P.J. 1980 05/Jun/2014
Hydrogeological modelling for an arid-zone borefield in Amadeus Basin aquifers, Alice Springs, Northern Territory Jolly, P.B.Chin, D.N. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Hydrogeological Investigation of Palaeovalley Aquifers in the Wilkinkarra Region, Northern Territory Woodgate, M.F.Holzschuh, J.Wischusen, J.D.H.Lewis, S.J.Gow, L.J. 2012 20/May/2013
Hydrogeochemistry of the upper Hunter River valley, New South Wales Kellett, J.R.Williams, B.G.Ward, J.K. 1987 01/Jan/1987
Hydrogeochemistry of the upper Hunter River Valley, New South Wales Kellett, J.R.Williams, B.G.Ward, J.K. 1989 01/Jan/1989
Hydrogeochemical zonation of groundwater in the Botany Sands aquifer, Sydney Acworth, I.Jankowski, J. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Hydrochemistry of a groundwater-seawater mixing zone, Nauru Island, central Pacific Ocean Jankowski, J.Jacobson, G. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Hydrocarbon prospectivity of the West Barrow Vacant Area West, B.G.Conolly, J.R.Morrison, G.R.Vuckovic, V.Williams, A.J. 1990 01/Jan/1990
Hydrocarbon generation potential in the Otway Basin, Australia Felton, E.A.Jackson, K.S. 1987 05/Jun/2014
Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Offshore South Perth Basin Marshall, J.F.Ramsay, D.C.Lavering, I.Swift, M.G.Shafik, S.Graham, T.G.West, B.G.Boreham, C.J.Summons, R.E.Apthorpe, M.Evans, P.R. 1989 18/Apr/2011
Hydrocarbon Generation and Expulsion from Early Cretaceous Source Rocks in the Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia: a Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Pyrolysis Study Radlinski, A.P.Edwards, D.S.Hinde, A.L.Davenport, R.Kennard, J.M. 2006 17/May/2007
Hydraulic calibration of the GABHYD model of the Great Artesian Basin Seidel, G.E. 1978 01/Jan/1978
Huon River/Black Fish Creek dam site geophysical surveys, Tasmania 1959-60 Wiebenga, W.A.Polak, E.J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Hughes reservoir site investigation, Deakin, ACT Michail, F.N.Hohnen, P.D. 1974 01/Jan/1974
Huckitta, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Smith, K.G. 1963 17/Apr/2014
Howick area reports Veevers, J.J. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Howard Springs radiometric investigation, Northern Territory 1952 Dyson, D.F. 1963 01/Jan/1963
Hot-spot volcanism in St Andrew Strait, Papua New Guinea: geochemistry of a Quaternary bimodal rock suite Johnson, R.W.Smith, I.E.M.Taylor, S.R. 1978 05/Jun/2014