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Mundaring Geophysical Observatory, annual report 1967 Everingham, I.B.Gregson, P.J. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Ngalia Basin seismic survey, Northern Territory 1967 Jones, P. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Ngalia Basin seismic survey, Northern Territory 1968 Tucker, D.H. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Normanby Island T.P.N.G. reconnaissance petrography Davies, H.L. 1969 01/Jan/1969
North Bowen Basin gravity survey, Queensland 1963 Darby, F. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Notes on Papuan Ultramafic Belt mineral prospects, Territory of Papua and New Guinea Davies, H.L. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Notes on the geology of the Medusa Banks 1:250,000 geological sheet SD52-10 Plumb, K.A.Perry, W.J. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Notes on the thermal fields of Talasea, Pangulu, and Kasiloi, New Britain, TPNG Heming, R.F.Smith, I.E. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Notes on the volcanoes Mount Bagana and Mount Victory, Territory of Papua and New Guinea Smith, I.E. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Notes on visit to Canada and USA, 1969 Williams, L.W. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Observation No. 1 special core analysis tests on samples from the (basal Cretaceous) Birdrong Formation McKay, B.A. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Offshore reconnaissance geophysical techniques Vale, K.R.Turpie, A.Whitworth, R. 1969 01/Jan/1969
On the genesis of the Georgina Basin phosphorites, northwestern Queensland de Keyser, F. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Oryctocephalidae (Trilobita: Middle Cambrian) of Australia Shergold, J.H. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Overseas visit, United Kingdom and France, May-June 1969 Thyer, R.F. 1969 01/Jan/1969
P-wave residuals at Australian seismograph stations Everingham, I.B. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Palaeontology in Australia (including the place of micropalaeontology) Belford, D.J.Dickins, J.M. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Palynological examination of samples from the Beaver Lake area, Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica Kemp, E.M. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Palynological observations of Jurassic and Cretaceous strata at the border of Queensland and New South Wales Burger, D. 1969 01/Jan/1969
Papuan Basin and basic Belt aeromagnetic survey, Territory of Papua & New Guinea 1967 Compagnie Generale de Geophysique 1969 01/Jan/1969