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The Marine Geology of the Cape York Peninsula between Weipa and Cape Flattery, Northern Queensland Hudson, J.P. 1995 20/Oct/2011
The Mourquong Discharge Complex and disposal basin, Murray Basin, SE Australia Ferguson, J.Radke, B.M.Jacobson, G.Evans, W.R.Chambers, L.White, I.A.Wooding, R.A. 1995 28/Feb/1995
The Tectonic Framework of the Canning Basin, W.A., including 1:2 million Structural Elements Map of the Canning Basin Shaw, R.D.Sexton, M.J.Zeilinger, I. 1995 09/May/2011
Transit Survey from Brisbane to Tonga by R/V Melville of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography during Westward Expedition Leg 06, 1994 : Post-cruise Report Hill, P.J. 1995 26/Apr/1995
Users' guide to RTMAP : regolith landform mapping database Hazell, M.S.Lenz, S.L.Ryburn, R.J. 1995 21/Apr/1995
Well-log Data, Officer Basin, South Australia Lindsay, J.F.Reine, K. 1995 28/Feb/1995
AGSO Formats for Marine Seismic and Navigation Digital Data Barton, T.Johnston, N.A.Petkovic, P. 1994 17/Jan/1994
AGSO Journal vol.15 no. 1 - Geology of the outer North West Shelf, Australia AGSO 1994 16/Jul/2003
AGSO Journal vol.15 no. 2 AGSO 1994 16/Jul/2003
AGSO Journal vol.15 no. 3 AGSO 1994 16/Jul/2003
AGSO Journal vol.15 no. 4 AGSO 1994 16/Jul/2003
AGSO ORACLE developers' guide Kucka, M. 1994 10/Feb/1994
AGSO Research Newsletter 20 Geoscience Australia 1994 28/May/2013
AGSO Research Newsletter 21 Geoscience Australia 1994 28/May/2013
Australian Petroleum Systems. Barrow-Exmouth Sub-basins module Spencer, L.Needham, J.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Foster, C.Noonan, J.Edgecombe, S.Zuccaro, G. 1994 25/Feb/2013
Australian Petroleum Systems. Papuan basin module Winn, S.Wilmot, J.Noonan, J.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Foster, C.Murray, A.Vizy, J.Zuccaro, G. 1994 27/Jun/2001
Australian Regolith Conference '94, Broken Hill, 14 -17 November 1994 : abstracts Pain, C.F.Craig, M.A.Campbell, I.D. 1994 11/Nov/1994
Australian Regolith Conference '94, Broken Hill, NSW, 14-17 November, 1994 : field guide and notes on the regolith and landscape features of the Broken Hill region, western NSW, Wednesday 16 November, 1994 Hill, S.M.Taylor, G.Eggleton, A. 1994 14/Dec/1994
Australian geomagnetism report 1993 Volume 41: magnetic observatories AGSO McEwin, A.J. 1994 14/Dec/1994
Bowen Basin Seismic Survey 1989: Operational Report Wake-Dyster, K.D. 1994 17/Jan/1994