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Sedimentology of the Neoproterozoic Acraman impact-ejecta horizon, South Australia Wallace, M.W.Gostin, V.A.Keays, R.R. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Seismic refraction - a tool for studying coral reef growth Harvey, N.Davies, P.J.Marshall, J.F. 1979 05/Jun/2014
Seismic structure and continuity of the Redbank Thrust Zone, central Australia Wright, C.Goleby, B.R.Shaw, R.D.Collins, C.D.N.Kennett, B.L.N.Lambeck, K. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Seismic travel-times to east Papua from USSR nuclear explosions Finlayson, D.M. 1977 05/Jun/2014
Sequence analysis and depositional models of crinoidal limestones, Permian Yessabah Limestone, Manning-Macleay Basin, eastern Australia Lindsay, J.F. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Sequence stratigraphy: a review of fundamental concepts and their application to petroleum exploration and development in Australia Kennard, J.M.Allen, G.P.Kirk, R.B. 2000 05/Jun/2014
Seventh BMR Symposium Bureau of Mineral Resources 1978 05/Jun/2014
Seximembrate apparatus structure of the Late Cambrian coniform conodont Teridontus nakamurai from the Chatsworth Limestone, Georgina Basin, Queensland Nicoll, R.S. 1994 05/Jun/2014
Shallow inter-reefal structure of the Capricorn group, southern Great Barrier Reef Davies, P.J.Marshall, J.F.Hekel, H.Searle, D.E. 1981 05/Jun/2014
Shallow structure and Late Cainozoic geological history of western Bass Strait and the west Tasmanian Shelf Jones, H.A.Holdgate, G.R. 1980 05/Jun/2014
Siderophile and lithophile trace-element evolution of the Archaean mantle Glikson, A.Y. 1979 05/Jun/2014
Significance of Middle Cambrian Trilobites from Elcho Island, Northern Territory Plumb, K.A.Shergold, J.H.Stefanski, M.Z. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Significance of calcareous nannofossil-bearing Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments on the Rowley Terrace, offshore northwest Australia Shafik, S. 1994 05/Jun/2014
Significance of pseudotachylite vein systems, Giles basic/uItrabasic complex, Tomkinson Ranges, western Musgrave Block, central Australia Glikson, A.Y.Mernagh, T.P. 1990 05/Jun/2014
Silcretes of the Mirackina Palaeochannel, Arckaringa, South Australia McNally, G.H.Wilson, I.R. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Silurian and Late Carboniferous conodonts from the Charles Louis Range and central Birds Head, Irian Jaya, Indonesia Nicoll, R.S.Bladon, G.M. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Sixth BMR Symposium Bureau of Mineral Resources 1977 05/Jun/2014
Skeletal carbonate variation on the continental shelf of eastern Australia Marshall, J.F.Davies, P.J. 1978 05/Jun/2014
Skylab photography for geological mapping Maffi, C.Simpson, C.J. 1977 05/Jun/2014
Soil genesis in a longitudinal dune-swale landscape, New South Wales, Australia Greene, R.S.B.Nettleton, W.D. 1996 05/Jun/2014