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Relative fall of Holocene sea level and coastal progradation, northeastern Spencer Gulf, South Australia Burne, R.V. 1982 05/Jun/2014
Remote sensing of mafic-ultramafic rocks: examples from Australian Precambrian terranes Macias, L.F. 1995 05/Jun/2014
Renison-style carbonate-replacement Sn deposits Kitto, P.A. 1998 05/Jun/2014
Reply: Landscape evolution and tectonics in southeastern Australia (Ollier and Pain 1994) Ollier, C.D.Pain, C.F. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Resistivity methods in the search for groundwater, Cape York Peninsula, Queensland Pettifer, G.R.Smart, J. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Resolution of conflicting structures and deformation history of the Mount Aloysius granulite massif, western Musgrave Block, central Australia Stewart, A.J. 1995 05/Jun/2014
Resourcing the investigation and management of groundwater contamination in Western Australia - a case study of contamination from herbicide manufacture near Perth Appleyard, S.J. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Results of a seismic survey in the southern Denison Trough, Queensland, 1978-79 Bauer, J.A.Dixon, O. 1981 05/Jun/2014
Review of the Proterozoic geology and mineral potential of the Curnamona Province in South Australia Robertson, R.S.Preiss, W.V.Crooks, A.F.Hill, P.W.Sheard, M.J. 1998 05/Jun/2014
Revised Late Cambrian (pre-Payntonian-Datsonian) conodont biostratigraphy at Black Mountain, Georgina Basin, western Queensland, Australia Nicoll, R.S.Shergold, J.H. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Revised stratigraphic nomenclature and correlation of Early Proterozoic rocks of the Darwin-Katherine region, Northern Territory Needham, R.S.Stuart-Smith, P.G. 1984 05/Jun/2014
Revised stratigraphy of the Ordovician (Late Tremadoc-Arenig) Prices Creek Group and Devonian Poulton Formation, Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia Nicoll, R.S.Laurie, J.R.Roche, M.T. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Rhytiobeyrichia, a new beyrichiacean ostracod from the late Devonian of Western Australia Jones, P.J. 1987 05/Jun/2014
Risk assessment as a framework for management of aquifers - a literature review Correll, R.L.Dillon, P.J. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Rusophycus (Early Ordovician ichnofossil) from the Mithaka Formation, Georgina Basin Draper, J.J. 1980 05/Jun/2014
Saline seepage and land degradation - a New South Wales perspective Charman, P.E.V.Junor, R.S. 1989 05/Jun/2014
Saline water disposal options in the Murray Basin Evans, R.S. 1989 05/Jun/2014
Salinity of deep formation water in the Canning Basin, Western Australia Ferguson, J.Etminan, H.Ghassemi, F. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Scuba-operated coring device Davies, P.J.Stewart, D.B. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Seabed mapping using multibeam swath-mapping systems: an essential technology for mapping Australia's margins Exon, N.F.Hill, P.J. 2000 05/Jun/2014