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Quaternary vadose calcretes revisited Arakel, A.V. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Rare-earth element geochemistry of Archaean orthogneisses and evolution of the East Antarctic shield Sheraton, J.W.Ellis, D.J.Kuehner, S.M. 1984 05/Jun/2014
Rb-Sr geochronology of Proterozoic events in the Arunta Inlier, Central Australia Black, L.P.Shaw, R.D.Stewart, A.J. 1983 05/Jun/2014
Rb-Sr geochronology of the Jervois Range area in the eastern part of the Arunta Block, NT Black, L.P. 1980 05/Jun/2014
Reconnaissance of upper crustal seismic velocities in the Tennant Creek Block, Northern Territory Finlayson, D.M. 1981 05/Jun/2014
Recovering degraded groundwater in the Angas-Bremer basin through community action Harris, B. 1993 05/Jun/2014
Redescription of Miogypsina neodispansa (Jones and Chapman), foraminiferida, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean Belford, D.J. 1982 05/Jun/2014
Reef growth, southern Great Barrier Reef - preliminary results Davies, P.J.Marshall, J.F.Foulstone, D.Thom, B.G.Harvey, N.Short, A.D.Martin, K. 1977 05/Jun/2014
Regional magnetic and gravity responses of extensional sedimentary basins Gunn, P.J. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Regional metamorphism in the Selwyn Range area, northwest Queensland Jaques, A.L.Blake, D.H.Donchak, P.J.T. 1982 05/Jun/2014
Regional plate tectonics and the evolution of Australia's passive continental margins Falvey, D.A.Mutter, J.C. 1981 05/Jun/2014
Regional structure and evolution of the Redbank-Mount Zeil thrust zone: a major lineament in the Arunta Inlier, central Australia Glikson, A.Y. 1987 05/Jun/2014
Regional variation of gravity, and isostatic equilibrium if the Australian crust Wellman, P. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Regional variations in Australian heat flow Cull, J.P.Denham, D. 1979 05/Jun/2014
Regolith stratigraphy: principles and problems Pain, C.F.Ollier, C.D. 1996 05/Jun/2014
Reinterpretation of Isotopic Ages from The Halls Creek Mobile Zone, Northwestern Australia Page, R.W. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Relation of Bouguer anomalies to crustal structure in southwestern and central Australia Mathur, S.P. 1976 05/Jun/2014
Relationship between body wave and local magnitudes for Australian earthquakes Michael-Leiba, M.O.Dennis, S. 1995 05/Jun/2014
Relationship of the Maloney Creek Inlier to other elements of the western Lawn Hill Platform Cover, northern Australia Sweet, I.P. 1984 05/Jun/2014
Relative fall of Holocene sea level and coastal progradation, northeastern Spencer Gulf, South Australia Burne, R.V. 1982 05/Jun/2014