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Reconnaissance geological mapping in Dixon, SE McIntosh and northernmost Halls Creek 1:100 000 sheet areas East Kimberly WA 1992-93 Warren, R.G. 1997 15/Aug/1997
Regional magnetic and gravity responses of extensional sedimentary basins Gunn, P.J. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Report of the Planning Workshop on a Marine Geoscience Mapping Program in the Australian Ocean Territory : Gold Creek Homestead, Gungahlin, ACT, 18-20 February, 1997 Stagg, H.M.J.Exon, N.F.Colwell, J.B.Symonds, P.A.Heggie, D.Hill, P.J.Willcox, J.B. 1997 06/May/1997
Stream sediment geochemistry of the Hann River region, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland Cruikshank, B.I.Brugman, P.C. 1997 09/Sep/1997
The Australia-Wide Array of Geomagnetic stations (AWAGS) : data corrections Welsh, W.Barton, C. 1997 05/Aug/1999
The Australian National Gravity Database Murray, A.S. 1997 05/Jun/2014
The Lake Tutchewop, Lake William and Lake Kelly saline water disposal basins, Murray Basin, Australia : lithostratigraphy, hydrodynamics, and hydrochemistry Bureau of Mineral Resources 1997 06/May/1997
The Mourquong groundwater discharge complex and saline-water disposal basin, Murray Basin, Australia : lithostratigraphy, hydrodynamics, and hydrochemistry Ferguson, J.Radke, B.M.Herczeg, A.L.Narayan, K.A.Simmons, C.T.Cresswell, R.G.Whitford, D.T.Grun, R. 1997 09/Apr/1997
The Nulla groundwater discharge complex, Murray Basin, SE Australia Ferguson, J.Radke, B.M.Jacobson, G.Evans, W.R.Chambers, W.R.Wooding, R.A.White, I.A.Whitford, D.Allan, G.L.Grun, R. 1997 09/Jul/1997
The mantle beneath Australia Kennett, B.L.N. 1997 05/Jun/2014
The mantle dynamical repertoire: plates, plumes, overturns and tectonic evolution Davies, G.F. 1997 05/Jun/2014
The origin and evolution of the Earth's continental crust Taylor, R.S.McLennan, S.M. 1997 05/Jun/2014
The origin of the earth Taylor, R.S. 1997 05/Jun/2014
The sesquicentennial of palaeomagnetism and rock magnetism in Australia Schmidt, P.W. 1997 05/Jun/2014
The sustainability of mineral use Rutland, R.W.R. 1997 05/Jun/2014
Third National Forum on GIS in the Geosciences, 19-20 March 1997, National Library of Australia, Canberra : forum proceedings Bureau of Mineral Resources 1997 02/Jul/1997
Torres Strait Satellite Image of the Sea Floor Jacobson, G. 1997 15/May/1997
Towards a bicultural regional water program in Central Australia : consultations with Aboriginal community groups Toyne, P.Zimran, S.Granites, R.J. 1997 18/Apr/1997
User's guide to Mappad and AGSO FieldPad for the Apple Newton palmtop computer Blewett, R.S.Hazell, M.S. 1997 05/May/1997
Zircon U-Pb ages and geochemistry of igneous and metamorphic rocks in the northern Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica Kinny, P.D.Black, L.P.Sheraton, J.W. 1997 05/Jun/2014