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Regional magnetic surveys in Australia, Australian Antarctica and the Territory of Papua and New Guinea during 1963 van der Linden, J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Remote seismic recording system BMR. Geophysical Branch. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on 1964 plant fossil collections White, M.E. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on Melbourne visit, February 17-19 1965 Marshall, N.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on Perth-Kalgoorlie visit, May 31st to June 4th, 1965, Western Australia Marshall, N.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on diamond drilling at Cosmopolitan Howley Mine, Northern Territory Vanderplank, A. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on groundwater school 29th March - 9th April, 1965, Adelaide White, D.A. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on main carbonate sequence of well - Lake Nash No. 1, amalgamated Petroleum N.L.) Brown, M. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on photo-interpretation of the Ngalia Basin, Northern Territory Rivereau, J.C. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on photo-interpretation of the Yampi, Charnley, Prince Regent-Camden Sound, Montague Sound, Ashton, Londonderry-Drysdale, and Mount Elizabeth 1:250 000 sheet areas, Kimberley Division, Western Australia Perry, W.J.Richard, J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on photo-interpretation on the Wiso Basin, Northern Territory Rivereau, J.C.Perry, W.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on progress in geophysics - Geophysics in Australia Jaeger, J.C.Thyer, R.F. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Report on samples from water bores G53/3-2, 1-110, 2-135, and 2-111, Northern Territory Terpstra, G.R.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Research in the mining industry King, R.W.L. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Review of the application of geophysical methods in Australia Thyer, R.F. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Review of the developments in the Australian Industry since the Second Symposium in 1962 Taylor-Rogers, H.S.McFadyen, W.T.Konecki, M.C. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Risdon Brook Dam site seismic survey determination of rock constants, Tasmania 1965 Mann, P.E. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Rum Jungle area geophysical surveys Northern Territory, 1963 Ashley, J. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Rum Jungle area, 1965 Summary of Activities Prichard, C.E.Ivanac, J.F. 1965 01/Jan/1965
Rum Jungle geochemical survey - 1963,The Mount Burton mine - North Mount Fitch prospect area Pritchard, P.W.French, D.J. 1965 01/Jan/1965