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Detailed geophysical investigations, Tennent Dam sites 2 and 3, ACT Hill, P.J. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Development of 8-channel digital-to-analogue conversion card for HP2100 series computers Devenish, A.B. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Eastern Galilee Basin seismic survey, Queensland 1976 Pinchin, J.Schmidt, D.L.Anfiloff, W. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Estimating the geomagnetic secular change at Mawson, Antarctica McGregor, P.M. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Estimation of parameters using least squares Moore, R.F. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Field tests of Geonics EM 31 and EM 34-3 terrain conductivity meters Bennett, D.G.Ramsay, D.C. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Forest Home, North Head, and parts of Gilbert River and Esmeralda 1:100 000 geological sheets: Catalogue of preliminary field data compilation sheets Mackenzie, D.E.Withnall, I.W.Baker, E.M. 1979 01/Jan/1979
GRAV3: An interactive computer program to calculate the gravity anomaly of a finite horizontal prism Ogilvy, R.D. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geochemical data, Marraba 1:100 000 sheet area, northwest Queensland Derrick, G.M. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geological Branch summary of activities 1979 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geological Branch summary of activities, 1978 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geological and geophysical investigation of the Pialliago Landfill Site, ACT Evans, W.R.Jacobson, G.Bennett, D.G. 1979 21/Dec/1999
Geological data from drilling and excavations along the Molonglo Parkway between Black Mountain Peninsula and Acton, Canberra, ACT, 1977-78 Henderson, G.A. 1979 21/Dec/1999
Geological reconnaissance in Irian Jaya, 1976 and 1977 Pieters, P.E.Ryburn, R.J.Trail, D.S. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geological report on 1:100 000-scale mapping of the southeastern Arunta Block, Northern Territory Shaw, R.D.Langworthy, A.P.Offe, L.A.Stewart, A.J.Allen, A.R.Senior, B.R. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geological report on the construction of the Googong Dam, Queanbeyan River, New South Wales Goldsmith, R.C.M. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geology and geochemistry of the Tantangara and Brindabella 1:100 000 Sheet areas, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Owen, M.Wyborn, D. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geology of The Granites-Tanami region, Northern Territory and Western Australia Blake, D.H.Hodgson, I.M.Muhling, P.C. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geology of the Kennedy Gap 1:100 000 Sheet area (6757), Queensland Wilson, I.H.Hill, R.M.Noon, T.A.Duff, B.A.Derrick, G.M. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Geology of the Quamby 1:100 000 sheet area (6957), Queensland Wilson, I.H.Noon, T.A.Hill, R.M.Duff, B.A. 1979 01/Jan/1979