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Report of radiometric investigations in the Mt Kavanagh area Daly, J. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Report of the sub-committee on vulcanology, 1951. Australian National Committee on Geodesy and Geophysics Fisher, N.H. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Report on Giralia-Bullara seismic reflection traverse, Western Australia Vale, K.R. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Report on Permian plant remains from Collinsville, Queensland Brunnschweiler, R.O. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Report on an inspection of the Mosquito Creek, Northern Territory, Wolfram field Joklik, G.F.Tomich, S.A. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Report on radiometric investigations at Carcoar, New South Wales Daly, J.Dyson, D.F.Pearce, J.W. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Report on seismic refraction traverse at Comet, Queensland, (1951) Smith, E.R. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Report on visit to United States of America Crespin, I. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Results of drilling at Cocked Hat Creek, New South Wales Owen, H.B. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Results of drilling, Oaklands-Coorabin Coalfield, 1950 Fisher, N.H. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Second progress report of the geophysical survey of Renison Bell tinfield, Tasmania Loh, R.P. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Shelley Ordovician strata at the Belubula River, near Canowindra, New South Wales Opik, A.A. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Summary of results of investigations at Rum Jungle and Fergusson River during 1950 Ward, H.J. 1951 01/Jan/1951
The Bonaparte Gulf Basin northwestern Australia: a stratigraphic summary with special reference to the Gondwanaland system Noakes, L.C.Opik, A.A.Crespin, I. 1951 01/Jan/1951
The Coobina chromite deposits, Peak Hill goldfield, Western Australia Matheson, R.S. 1951 01/Jan/1951
The Nunyerrie chrysotile deposits, West Pilbara goldfield, Western Australia Matheson, R.S.Mead, G.F. 1951 01/Jan/1951
The escape of water from the Cotter storage basin Dallwitz, W.B. 1951 01/Jan/1951
The stratigraphy of the Mesozoic and Permian sediments of the Desert Basin, Western Australia Guppy, D.J.Lindner, A.W.Rattigan, J.H.Casey, J.N. 1951 01/Jan/1951
The structure of the Northern Territory in relation to mineralisation Noakes, L.C. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Treasure mine, Hatches Creek (condensed report) Sullivan, C.J. 1951 01/Jan/1951