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Summary of results of investigations at Rum Jungle and Fergusson River during 1950 Ward, H.J. 1951 01/Jan/1951
Summary of the geology of the Hay River 4-mile sheet, Northern Territory Smith, K.G. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Summary of the geology of the Tovermory 4-mile geological Sheet Smith, K.G.Vine, R.R. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Summary of the palaeontology of the Barkly Tableland region Gatehouse, C.G. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Summary report of Croydon sub-party, 1960 field season Branch, C.D. 1960 01/Jan/1960
Summary report on overseas study tour, March to May, 1969 Paine, A.G.L. 1970 01/Jan/1970
Summary report on some Western Australian gold mines, with a supplementary note on Commonwealth assistance for exploration and development Sullivan, C.J. 1949 01/Jan/1949
Summary report on the ore prospects of some Western Australian gold mines Sullivan, C.J. 1948 01/Jan/1948
Summary statement of Australian bauxite reserves at 30th June, 1953 Owen, H.B. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Summary statement of Australian bauxite reserves at 31st December, 1952 Owen, H.B. 1953 01/Jan/1953
Superficial sediments of the Tasmanian continental shelf and part of Bass Strait Jones, H.A.Davies, P.J. 1983 01/Jan/1983
Supergene gold deposits Butt, C.R.M. 1998 05/Jun/2014
Supplement to 'Biometrical studies of Early Neogene larger Foraminifera from Australia and New Zealand' Chaproniere, G.C. 1980 01/Jan/1980
Supplement to 'The Encrinuridae and related trilobite families...' Strusz, D.L. 1980 01/Jan/1980
Supplementary handbook for Willmore seismographs Gregson, P.J.Woad, G. 1970 01/Jan/1970
Supplementary notes to Report No 16, 1948, on some Western Australian gold mines, Boulder Perseverence Ltd Sullivan, C.J. 1948 01/Jan/1948
Supplementary report on radioactive occurrences, Cloncurry mineral field, Queensland Carter, E.K. 1955 01/Jan/1955
Supplies of fluorspar for Australian industry Croll, I.C.H. 1949 01/Jan/1949
Supply of road aggregate, Kowen Road, Australian Capital Territory Gardner, D.E. 1958 01/Jan/1958
Surat Basin seismic reconnaissance survey, Queensland 1959 Lodwick, K.B.Watson, S.J. 1960 01/Jan/1960