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The earthquake near Nhill, western Victoria, on 22 December 1987 and the seismicity of eastern Australia McCue, K.F.Gibson, G.Wesson, V. 1990 05/Jun/2014
The effect of land clearance in the Mallee region on River Murray salinity and land salinisation Barnett, S.R. 1989 05/Jun/2014
The effects in Western Australia of a major earthquake in Indonesia on 19 August 1977 Gregson, P.J.Paull, E.P.Gaull, B.A. 1979 05/Jun/2014
The elusive Cook volcano and other submarine forearc volcanoes in the Solomon Islands Exon, N.F.Johnson, R.W. 1986 05/Jun/2014
The evolution of One Tree Reef, Southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Davies, P.J.Radke, B.M.Robison, C.R. 1976 05/Jun/2014
The freshwater lens on Home Island in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Jacobson, G. 1976 05/Jun/2014
The genus Cordylodus and a latest Cambrian-earliest Ordovician conodont biostratigraphy Nicoll, R.S. 1990 05/Jun/2014
The geochemistry of Lake Frome, a playa lake in South Australia Draper, J.J.Jensen, A.R. 1976 05/Jun/2014
The geology and magnetic characteristics of precious opal deposits, southwest Queenslands Senior, B.R.McColl, D.H.Long, B.E.Whiteley, R.J. 1977 05/Jun/2014
The geology and mineral deposits of the Proterozoic in Western Australia Tyler, I.M.Pirajno, F.Bagas, L.Myers, J.S.Preston, W.A. 1998 05/Jun/2014
The gravity field of offshore Australia Symonds, P.A.Willcox, J.B. 1976 05/Jun/2014
The gravity field of the Australian basement Wellman, P. 1976 05/Jun/2014
The groundwater quality situation in alluvial aquifers of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Singh Khadka, M. 1993 05/Jun/2014
The hydrogeochemistry of groundwater in fractured bedrock aquifers beneath dryland salinity occurrences at Yass, NSW Jankowski, J.Acworth, I. 1993 05/Jun/2014
The hydrogeology of the Murray Basin, southeastern Australia Evans, W.R.Kellett, J.R. 1989 05/Jun/2014
The hydrothermal environment Huston, D.L. 1998 05/Jun/2014
The influence of geology on the location, design and construction of water supply dams in the Canberra area Best, E.J. 1981 05/Jun/2014
The late Cainozoic East Antarctic ice sheet Colhoun, E.A. 2000 05/Jun/2014
The late Cainozoic evolution of the Carpentaria Plains, North Queensland Grimes, K.G.Doutch, H.F. 1978 05/Jun/2014
The late Cainozoic evolution of the Carpentaria Plains, North Queensland: a discussion Wasson, R.J. 1979 05/Jun/2014