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Determination of GDA94 coordinates for eighteen C.R. Kennedy Survey Solutions stations using the July and August 2011 GPS data set Jia, M.Dawson, J. 2011 28/Sep/2011
Stromatolite Newsletter Number 14 Kennard, J.M.Burne, R.V. 1989 12/Oct/2011
Index of airborne geophysical surveys: 12th edition Percival, P.J. 2011 13/Oct/2011
Coastal Environment Geoscience of Cape York Peninsula Burne, R.V.Graham, T.L. 1995 20/Oct/2011
Draft Environmental Geoscience Program Burne, R.V. 1989 20/Oct/2011
The Marine Geology of the Cape York Peninsula between Weipa and Cape Flattery, Northern Queensland Hudson, J.P. 1995 20/Oct/2011
Classification of Pseudagnostus jackel, 1909 (Trilobita: Agnostina) Shergold, J.H. 1975 07/Nov/2011
Historic environmental changes and sediment-based condition assessment for Hardy Inlet, Western Australia Haese, R.R.Smith, C.S.Forbes, V.Macphail, M.Hancock, G. 2010 07/Nov/2011
The 30th September 2009 Sumatra Earthquake Padang Region Damage Survey Sengara, I.W.Suarjana, M.Beetham, D.Corby, N.Edwards, M.Griffith, M.Wehner, M.Weller, R. 2010 07/Nov/2011
Correction of Determination of GDA94 coordinates for eleven Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management CORS stations using the August 2010 GPS data set Jia, M.Dawson, J. 2010 10/Nov/2011
Proceedings of the 2011 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference Budd, A.R. 2011 10/Nov/2011
Interpretations from the Frome airborne electromagnetic survey Roach, I.C. 2011 11/Nov/2011
Scientific Definition of Australian Geological Provinces, Regions and Events Raymond, O. 2011 14/Nov/2011
Landslides: Teachers Notes and Student Activities Geoscience Australia 2011 05/Dec/2011
Australian seismological report, 1997 McCue, K.F.Gregson, P.J.Sinadinovski, C.Hodgson, L. 2001 06/Dec/2011
Petroleum generation and migration modelling for the Capel and Faust basins, eastern offshore Australia - GNS Science Report 2011-22 Funnell, R.Stagpoole, V. 2011 07/Dec/2011
An Assessment on the use of High Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Mapping Active Faults in Indonesia Horspool, N.Natawidjaja, D.H.Yulianto, E.Lawrie, S.Cummins, P. 2011 18/Dec/2011
Plate-wide Palaeogeographic Maps Bradshaw, M.T.Struckmeyer, H.I.M.Walley, A.M.Yeung, M. 1994 23/Dec/2011
Australian National Geophysical Data Compilations - Information Sheet Milligan, P.R.Hackney, R. 2011 02/Feb/2012
Australian Seismic and Magnetotelluric Surveys - Information Sheet Milligan, P.R.Hackney, R. 2011 02/Feb/2012