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S-type granites and related rocks : a collection of abstracts for a symposium held to mark the 70th birthday of professor Allan White, 11-12 January 2001 Chappell, B.Fleming, P. 2001 04/Oct/2001
The Rabaul Earthquake Location and Caldera Structure (RELACS) Program : operations report : a component of the PNG-Australia Volcanological Services Support (VSS) Project funded by AusAID Finlayson, D.M.Gudmundsson, O.Itikarai, I.Saunders, S.Powell, L.Thurber, C.H.Shimamura, H.Nishimura, Y. 2001 27/Aug/2002
The regolith glossary: surficial geology, soils and landscapes Eggleton, R.A. 2001 12/Nov/2003
Wire-line Logged Waterbores in the Great Artesian Basin Habermehl, M.A. 2001 30/Jul/2010
Aeromagnetic interpretation of the Yilgarn Craton with an emphasis on the northeastern Yilgarn Whitaker, A.J. 2002 27/Jun/2002
Application of potential field data to constrain three-dimensional geological modelling in the Leonora-Laverton transect area Bell, B. 2002 27/Jun/2002
Bass Basin GIS Project : An Output of the Western Tasmanian Regional Minerals Program Blevin, J.E.Boreham, C.J.Lang, S.C.Mitchell, C.X.Nicholson, C.J.Trigg, K.R.Webster, M.A. 2002 09/Aug/2005
Cretaceous Volcanogenic and Miocene Calcareous Strata Dredged from the Deepwater Gippsland Basin on R/V Franklin Research Cruise FR 11/98 Exon, N.F.Hill, P.J.Partridge, A.Chaproniere, G.C.Keene, J.B. 2002 12/May/2011
Geochronological constraints on the Leonora-Laverton transect area, north eastern Yilgarn Craton Cassidy, K.F.Champion, D.C.Fletcher, I.R.Dunphy, J.M.Black, L.P.Claoue-Long, J.C. 2002 27/Jun/2002
Geological Framework of the Wallaby Plateau and Adjacent Areas Sayers, J.Borissova, I.Ramsay, D.Symonds, P.A.Lawson, C.Butler, P. 2002 12/Aug/2002
Global Seeps, SSW Australia Infoterra Ltd 2002 17/Aug/2006
Global seeps - ESE Australia Infoterra Ltd 2002 23/May/2006
Granites in the Leonora-Laverton transect area, northeastern Yilgarn Craton Champion, D.C.Cassidy, K.F. 2002 27/Jun/2002
Leonora-Laverton solid geology Whitaker, A.J.Blewett, R.S.Fokker, M. 2002 27/Jun/2002
Oil and Gas Resources of Australia 2001 Petrie, E. 2002 03/Dec/2002
Outcrop geology of the Leonora-Laverton region from the East Yilgarn Geoscience Database Groenewald, P.B. 2002 27/Jun/2002
Outline of Geological Studies in the Great Barrier Reef and Adjacent Regions : Industry, Commonwealth Government and International Earl, K.Holm, O.Powell, T.G. 2002 12/Nov/2003
Petrel Sub-basin Geohistory Modelling CD-ROM Kennard, J.M.Deighton, I.Edwards, D.S.Boreham, C.J. 2002 25/Jun/2002
Seismic data acquistion and processing - 2001 Northern Yilgarn Seismic Reflection Survey (L154) Jones, L.E.A.Goleby, B.R.Johnstone, D.W.Barton, T.J. 2002 28/Jun/2002
Tectonic setting of the 2001 "northeastern Yilgarn" deep seismic reflection survey, eastern Yilgarn Craton and adjacent Officer and Gunbarrel Basins Tyler, I.M. 2002 28/Jun/2002