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Research Cruise Proposal : Bonaparte Basin : Structural Reactivation and Hydrocarbon Migration : Project 121.22 O'Brien, G.W.Bickford, G.Heggie, D.T. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Research Cruise Proposal, Area 'A' of the Zone of Cooperation : Deep Crustal Architecture and Hydrocarbon Migration : Project 121.22 O'Brien, G.W. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Results of a Preliminary Palynological Examination of Mesozoic Grab Samples from the North West Shelf Burger, D. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Revised Late Cambrian (pre-Payntonian-Datsonian) conodont biostratigraphy at Black Mountain, Georgina Basin, western Queensland, Australia Nicoll, R.S.Shergold, J.H. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Seismic Data Acquisition Proposal : Central Officer Basin, South Australia Lindsay, J.Leven, J.Krieg, G. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Seismic Field Trials on the Nullarbor Plain, South Australia 1991: Operational Report Leven, J.Barton, T. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Sequence analysis and depositional models of crinoidal limestones, Permian Yessabah Limestone, Manning-Macleay Basin, eastern Australia Lindsay, J.F. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Silurian and Late Carboniferous conodonts from the Charles Louis Range and central Birds Head, Irian Jaya, Indonesia Nicoll, R.S.Bladon, G.M. 1991 05/Jun/2014
South Australian Proterozoic Rockchem data set documentation Knutson, J.Wyborn, L.A.I.Ryburn, R.J. 1991 01/Jan/1991
South Perth Basin 1 and 2, BMR Marine Survey 80 and 81 : Explanatory Notes to Accompany the Release of Non-seismic Data Saunders, G.O'Connor, M. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Southeast Gippsland Basin Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Package Stephenson, A.E.Maung, T.U.Conolly, J.R.Miyazaki, S.Cadman, S.J.Willcox, J.B.Colwell, J.B.Vuckovic, V.Nicholas, E.Williamson, P.E.Stagg, H.M.J.Megallaa, M. 1991 16/Nov/2010
Southern Margin Sampling Program (Project 12127): Research Cruise Proposal Feary, D.A. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Stratigraphy, sedimentology and tectonic evolution of the El Sherana and Edith River groups, Northern Territory, Australia : a contribution to the BMR Kakadu Conservation Zone Project 1987-1992 Freidmann, S.J.Grotzinger, J.P. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Structural controls on mineralisation of the Coronation Hill deposit and surrounding area Valenta, R.K. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Structural geology information: collection techniques and data transfer between DG-ORACLE and ARC/INFO Williams, P.R. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Structure and hydrocarbon potential of the Bremer Basin, southwest Australia Stagg, H.M.J.Willcox, J.B. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Surface (Light Hydrocarbon) Geochemistry in the Gippsland and Eastern Otway Basins and the Torquay Sub-basin of Southeastern Australia : Research Cruise 104 Proposal - Project 121: 20 Heggie, D.Bickford, G.Bishop, J.O'Brien, G. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Survey 97 : Operations Report for the Joint BMR/Woodside Petroleum High Resolution Seismic Program in the Dampier Sub-Basin, October 1990 O'Brien, G.W.Bickford, G.P. 1991 23/Jul/1995
Sustainable development, and the mining sector : a BMR view Rutland, R.W.R.Denham, D.Battey, G.C.McLeod, I. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Tennant Creek Rockchem data set documentation Wyborn, L.A.I.Ryburn, R.J. 1991 01/Jan/1991