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The Cambrian - Ordovician Boundary at Black Mountain, Western Queensland : Sixth International Symposium on the Ordovician System : Guidebook for Field Excursion 1 Shergold, J.H.Nicoll, R.S.Laurie, J.R.Radke, B.M. 1991 01/Jan/1991
The Eromanga-Brisbane geoscience transect : a guide to basin development across Phanerozoic Australia in southern Queensland Finlayson, D.M. 1991 01/Jan/1991
The Gilmore Fault Zone - the deformational history of a possible terrane boundary within the Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales Stuart-Smith, P.G. 1991 05/Jun/2014
The Pacoota Sandstone, Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory: stratigraphy and palaeontology Shergold, J.H. 1991 01/Jan/1991
The Victorian Ordovician Graptolite Sequence : Sixth International Symposium on the Ordovician System : Guidebook for Field Excursion 4 Vandenberg, A.H.M.Stewart, I.R. 1991 01/Jan/1991
The Warrumbungle Volcano, central New South Wales : an outline of the geology and petrology of the Warrumbungle Volcano Duggan, M.B.Knutson, J. 1991 01/Jan/1991
The groundwater quality situation in Australia and possible Australian contribution to regional programmes Jacobson, G. 1991 23/Jul/1995
Three large intraplate earthquakes near Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, on 22 January 1988 Jones, T.D.Gibson, G.McCue, K.F.Denham, D.Gregson, P.J.Bowman, J.R. 1991 05/Jun/2014
Trace metals distribution patterns in basalts, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia, with stratigraphic - geochemical implications Glikson, A.Y.Davy, R.Hickman, A.H. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Tropical and Temperate Carbonate Environments - The Effects of Sea Level, Climate and Tectonics on Facies Development. Joint BMR/TRC-JNOC Program - Phase 1. 1991/92 - Southern Queensland Margin Pre-cruise Proposal Tsuji, Y.Honda, N.Matsuda, H.Davies, P.J.Marshall, J.F. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary stratigraphy of the Fremantle Canyon, South Perth Basin - a nannofossil assessment Shafik, S. 1991 05/Jun/2014
West Australian Proterozoic Rockchem data set documentation Wyborn, L.A.I.Ryburn, R.J. 1991 01/Jan/1991
Work program 1991/92 Bureau of Mineral Resources 1991 01/Jan/1991
3D and 4D GIS for space-time modelling of geoscience data Chopra, P.N. 1992 01/Jan/1992
A Review of Ordovician Source Rocks, Canning Basin, Western Australia Taylor, D. 1992 01/Jan/1992
A Review of Permian to Cretaceous Palynostratigraphy in Eastern Australia Burger, D.McKellar, J.L.Foster, C.B. 1992 01/Jan/1992
A Review of the Devonian Brachiopod Record in the Canning Basin, Western Australia Strusz, D.L. 1992 01/Jan/1992
A geological interpretation of the regional gravity and magnetic features of north Queensland Wellman, P. 1992 01/Jan/1992
A new local magnitude scale for southeastern Australia Michael-Leiba, M.O.Malafant, K. 1992 05/Jun/2014
A reconnaissance investigation of the major Palaeozoic aquifers in the Canning Basin, Western Australia, in relation to Zn-Pb mineralisation Ghassemi, F.Etminan, H.Ferguson, J. 1992 05/Jun/2014