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White clay deposits, Jervis Bay Dickins, J.M. 1955 01/Jan/1955
A Bibliography of Australian foraminifera Crespin, I. 1954 01/Jan/1954
An examination of thermal areas at Garua Harbour, New Britain, August, 1954 Reynolds, M.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
An examination of thermal areas, Vitu (Garove) Island, August 26-27th, 1954 Reynolds, M.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Cambrian stratigraphy of the Camooweal region: (progress report) Opik, A.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Changing sea levels of the Australian east coast, suggested by levels of water-laid sand-deposits and by dune morphology Gardner, D.E. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Collenia Reefs Opik, A.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Condensed progress report on the geology of the Carnarvon (North-West) Basin, Western Australia Condon, M.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Conditions in the Canning Basin desert Traves, D.M.Casey, J.N. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Coral faunas from the Silurian of New South Wales and the Devonian of Western Australia Hill, D. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Diamond drilling in the Edith River uranium-bearing area, Northern Territory Firman, J.B. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Dolomite problem Opik, A.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Explanatory notes on the Minilya Sheet, Western Australia Condon, M.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Fossiliferous rocks from the Nullabor Plains Crespin, I. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Fossils from near Katherine, Northern Territory Opik, A.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Geochemical prospecting in the vicinity of radio-active deposits and prospects in the Northern Territory, Australia Debnam, A.H.White, D.A. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Geological and geophysical surveys, Ashford Coalfield, New South Wales Part 1: Geology Part 2: Geophysics Owen, H.B.Burton, G.M.Williams, L.W. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Geology of the Cotter River and Uriarra area, Australian Capital Territory Malcolm, D.K. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Geophysical exploration in the Carnarvon (N.W.) Basin, Western Australia Chamberlain, N.G.Dooley, J.C.Vale, K.R. 1954 01/Jan/1954
Geophysical survey at Labour Victory Mine, near Selwyn, Queensland Horvath, J.Tate, K.H. 1954 01/Jan/1954