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BMR Research Newsletter 6 Geoscience Australia 1987 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 7 Geoscience Australia 1987 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 8 Geoscience Australia 1988 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 9 Geoscience Australia 1988 28/May/2013
Reforming Planning Processes Trial: Rockhampton 2050: Technical Report on Current and Future Climate Hazards Moore, D.Hazelwood, M.Cechet, R.P.Arthur, C.French, I.Dunsmore, R.Sanabria, A.Yang, T.Woolf, M. 2013 05/Jun/2013
Geoscience Australia Community Metadata Profile of ISO 19115:2005 version 1.0 Bastrakova, I.V.Ardlie, N.Regan, J. 2013 06/Jun/2013
Open Source Volcanic Ash Modelling Flyer Bear-Crozier, A.N. 2013 12/Jun/2013
Making knowledge of Geoscience Australia's data and information assets accessible to the external community Bastrakova, I.V.Martin, J.Hibbard, T.Love, C.Lin, X.Sedgmen, A.Fraser, R.Wyborn, L.A.I. 2011 25/Jun/2013
Weathering, erosion, landforms and regolith - Teacher notes and student activities Lech, M.E.Trewin, C.L. 2013 04/Jul/2013
Critical commodities for a high-tech world: Australia's potential to supply global demand Skirrow, R.G.Huston, D.L.Mernagh, T.P.Thorne, J.P.Dulfer, H.Senior, A.B. 2013 17/Jul/2013
Printed Topographic Map Index 100K/250K Geoscience Australia 2013 22/Jul/2013
Strengthening natural hazard risk assessment capacity in the Philippines: an earthquake impact pilot study for Iloilo City, Western Visayas Bautista, M.L.P.Bautista, B.C.Narag, I.C.Lanuza, A.G.Deocampo, J.B. 2012 29/Jul/2013
Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Risk in the Pacific Region: Analysis of Changes to Key Tropical Cyclone Parameters Arthur, W.C.Woolf, M. 2013 30/Jul/2013
A national-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: First-order assessment of seawater intrusion for Australian case study sites Morgan, L.K.Werner, A.D.Ivkovic, K.M.Carey, H.Sundaram, B. 2013 12/Aug/2013
A national-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: Seawater intrusion vulnerability indexing - quantitative Morgan, L.K.Werner, A.D.Carey, H. 2012 12/Aug/2013
A national-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: Vulnerability Factor Analysis Cook, S.Dixon-Jain, P.Hocking, M.Sundaram, B.Morgan, L.K. 2013 12/Aug/2013
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from Tasmania July 2012-June 2013 Kositcin, N.Everard, J.L. 2013 19/Aug/2013
Absolute Gravity Observation at the National Measurement Institute, 18th June 2008 Dando, N.Tracey, R. 2013 28/Aug/2013
Bathymetry Compilation for Proposed Marine Protected Areas in Eastern Antarctica Report Wilson, O. 2012 28/Aug/2013
Iron oxide-copper-gold potential of the southern Arunta Region Schofield, A.Huston, D.L.Gallagher, R.Kemp, C. 2013 06/Sep/2013