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The Arrinthrunga Formation: Upper Cambrian epeiric carbonates in the Georgina Basin, central Australia Kennard, J. 1981 01/Jan/1981
The Arunta Block in the Huckitta 1:250 000 sheet area: a review of data to June 1980 Warren, R.G. 1980 01/Jan/1980
The Ashford coal province, New South Wales. Report No. 8 Owen, H.B.Burton, G.M. 1950 01/Jan/1950
The Australia-Wide Array of Geomagnetic stations (AWAGS) : data corrections Welsh, W.Barton, C. 1997 05/Aug/1999
The Australian Coast - Teacher notes and student activities Short, A.D. 2014 05/Nov/2014
The Australian ERTS-1 program Perry, W.J. 1974 01/Jan/1974
The Australian Government's Spatial Information Gateway National Geographic Information Grou 2011 24/Feb/2012
The Australian National Gravity Database Murray, A.S. 1997 05/Jun/2014
The Australian exploration boom 1965-1972-'73 Roberts, P.J. 1974 01/Jan/1974
The Australian national gravity repository computer system Murray, A.S. 1974 01/Jan/1974
The Australian offshore compilation for Circum-Pacific Map Project, Southwest Quadrant, May 1978 Jongsma, D. 1978 01/Jan/1978
The Australian regolith and mineral exploration Taylor, G.A.M.Butt, C.R.M. 1998 05/Jun/2014
The BMR MAGSAT and 3rd-Order geomagnetic ORACLE databases Chopra, P.N. 1989 01/Jan/1989
The Babbagoola Beds, Officer Basin, Western Australia: correlations, micropalaeontology and implications for petroleum prospectivity Jackson, M.J.Muir, M.D. 1981 05/Jun/2014
The Barnard metamorphics and their relation to the Barren River metamorphics and the Hodgkinson formation, North Queensland de Keyser, F. 1964 01/Jan/1964
The Beaconsfield sand dumps, Tasmania Mawby, M.A.Nye, P.B. 1942 01/Jan/1942
The Black Andrew mine near Burrinjuck, County Buccleuch, New South Wales Owen, H.B. 1944 01/Jan/1944
The Blue Spec mine, Nullagine, Western Australia Ball, C.W. 1947 01/Jan/1947
The Bonaparte Gulf Basin northwestern Australia: a stratigraphic summary with special reference to the Gondwanaland system Noakes, L.C.Opik, A.A.Crespin, I. 1951 01/Jan/1951
The Broadmere structure : a window into palaeoproterozoic mineralisation, McArthur Basin, Northern Australia Lindsay, J.F. 1999 16/Mar/1999