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Potash in Australian Acid Salt Lakes Clarke, J.D.A. 2014 04/Jul/2014
Regional assessment of the CO2 storage potential of the Mesozoic succession in the Petrel Sub-basin, Northern Territory, Australia Consoli, C.Higgins, K.Jorgensen, D.C.Khider, K.Lescinsky, D.T.Morris, R.Nguyen, V. 2014 17/Apr/2014
Report on the Analysis of the Asia Pacific Regional Geodetic Project (APRGP) GPS Campaign 2013 Hu, G. 2014 01/Jul/2014
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from Kutjara 1 and Mulyawara 1, northwestern South Australia Neumann, N.L.Korsch, R.J. 2014 24/Feb/2014
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Leveque Shelf, Western Australia SOL5754 (GA0340) Post Survey Report Picard, K.Nichol, S.Hashimoto, T.Carroll, A.G.Bernardel, G.Jones, L.E.A.Siwabessy, P.J.W.Radke, L.C.Nicholas, W.A.Carey, M.Howard, F.J.F.Tran, M.Potter, A. 2014 08/Apr/2014
Seabed Environments and shallow sub-surface geology of the Vlaming Sub-basin, offshore Perth Basin: Summary results from marine survey GA0334 Nicholas, W.A.Howard, F.J.F.Carroll, A.G.Siwabessy, J.Tran, M.Radke, L.Picard, K.Przeslawski, R. 2014 22/Sep/2014
The 2012 Newcastle-Sydney SPAC microtremor surveys Volti, T.Collins, C.Asten, M.Burbidge, D. 2014 11/Nov/2014
The Australian Coast - Teacher notes and student activities Short, A.D. 2014 05/Nov/2014
The Effects of Spatial Reference Systems on the Predictive Accuracy of Spatial Interpolation Methods Jiang, W.Li, J. 2014 17/Jan/2014
The Geology of Minecraft Davis, L.I. 2014 11/Jul/2014
Top Geoshot flyer 2014 Geoscience Australia 2014 24/Mar/2014
Update on Prospectivity Studies of the Georgina and Cooper Basins Edwards, D.S.Hall, L.S.Ayling, B.F. 2014 07/Mar/2016
A Review of Australian Salt Lakes and Assessment of their Potential for Strategic Resources Mernagh, T.P.Bastrakov, E.N.Clarke, Caritat, P.English, P.M.Howard, F.J.F.Jaireth, S.Magee, J.W.McPherson, A.A.Roach, I.C.Schroder, I.F.Thomas, M.Wilford, J.R. 2013 14/Nov/2013
A national-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: First-order assessment of seawater intrusion for Australian case study sites Morgan, L.K.Werner, A.D.Ivkovic, K.M.Carey, H.Sundaram, B. 2013 12/Aug/2013
A national-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: Vulnerability Factor Analysis Cook, S.Dixon-Jain, P.Hocking, M.Sundaram, B.Morgan, L.K. 2013 12/Aug/2013
A national-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: coastal aquifer typology Ivkovic, K.M.Marshall, S.K.Carey, H.Morgan, L.K.Sundaram, B.Dixon-Jain, P.Caruana, L.Garlapati, N.Werner, A.D. 2013 03/Apr/2013
A national-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: literature review, data review and method development Ivkovic, K.M.Dixon-Jain, P.Marshall, S.K.Sundaram, B.Clarke, J.D.A. 2013 18/Mar/2013
Absolute Gravity Observation at the National Measurement Institute, 18th June 2008 Dando, N.Tracey, R. 2013 28/Aug/2013
Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Risk in the Pacific Region: Analysis of Changes to Key Tropical Cyclone Parameters Arthur, W.C.Woolf, M. 2013 30/Jul/2013
Atlas of Seismic Hazard Maps of Australia Leonard, M.Burbidge, D.Edwards, M. 2013 19/Nov/2013