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The Geology of Minecraft Davis, L.I. 2014 11/Jul/2014
Emulating volcanic ash fall for multiscale analysis: Development of the VAPAHR tool and application to the Asia-Pacific region for the United Nations Global Assessment Report 2015 Bear-Crozier, A.N.Miller, V.Newey, V.Horspool, N.Weber, R. 2014 26/Aug/2014
Evaluation of severe wind hazard from tropical cyclones - current and future climate simulations : Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning Program Siqueira, A.Arthur, C.Woolf, M. 2014 12/Sep/2014
Handbook of Geochronology Mineral Separation Laboratory Techniques Chisholm, E.I.Sircombe, K.N.DiBugnara, D.L. 2014 12/Sep/2014
Pacific Island Groundwater and Future Climates: First-Pass Regional Vulnerability Assessment Dixon-Jain, P.Norman, R.Stewart, G.Fontaine, K.Walker, K.Sundaram, B.Flannery, E.Riddell, A.Wallace, L. 2014 12/Sep/2014