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EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, December 2012 Yates, S.J.K.Lal, A. 2014 21/May/2014
EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Tarawa, Kiribati, April 2012 Yates, S.J.K.Lal, A. 2014 21/May/2014
EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Tarawa, Kiribati, August 2013 Yates, S.J.K.Lal, A. 2014 21/May/2014
Earthquakes - Teacher Notes and Student Activities Lewis, G.B.Collins, C.D.N. 2014 19/Mar/2014
Emulating volcanic ash fall for multiscale analysis: Development of the VAPAHR tool and application to the Asia-Pacific region for the United Nations Global Assessment Report 2015 Bear-Crozier, A.N.Miller, V.Newey, V.Horspool, N.Weber, R. 2014 26/Aug/2014
Evaluation of severe wind hazard from tropical cyclones - current and future climate simulations : Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning Program Siqueira, A.Arthur, C.Woolf, M. 2014 12/Sep/2014
Examining Fisheries Catches and Catch Rates for Potential Effects of Bass Strait Seismic Surveys Thomson, R.Sporcic, M.Foster, S.Haddon, M.Potter, A.Carroll, A.Przeslawski, R.Knuckey, I.Koopman, M.Hartog, J. 2014 18/Dec/2014
Exploring Minerals and Crystals: Teacher Notes and Activities Geoscience Australia 2014 11/Dec/2014
Geoscience Australia's pre-competitive mineral system activities Blewett, R.S. 2014 28/May/2014
Gravity and Granites: Technical notes on mapping relationship between known granites and gravity Petkovic, P. 2014 09/Apr/2014
Guide to using the Australian Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatic Events GIS Dataset : Archean, Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Magmatic Events Thorne, J.P.Cooper, M.Claoue-Long, J.C. 2014 30/Jun/2014
Handbook of Geochronology Mineral Separation Laboratory Techniques Chisholm, E.I.Sircombe, K.N.DiBugnara, D.L. 2014 12/Sep/2014
Index of airborne geophysical surveys: 14th edition Percival, P.J. 2014 09/Jul/2014
Lake Tyrrell, Australia, and its Potential for Strategic Resources Mernagh, T.P.Bastrakov, E.N.Clarke, Caritat, P.Dulfer, H.English, P.M.Jaireth, S.Thomas, M.Trafford, J. 2014 04/Jul/2014
Local Wind Assessment in Australia: Computation Methodology for Wind Multipliers Yang, T.Nadimpalli, K.Cechet, R.P. 2014 01/Jul/2014
Metadata report: Arcturus atmospheric greenhouse gas monitoring Etheridge, D.Loh, Z.Schroder, I.F.Berko, H.Kuske, T.J.Allison, C.Gregory, R.Spencer, D.Langenfelds, R.Zegelin, S.Hibberd, M.Feitz, A.J. 2014 24/Jun/2014
Mineral identification flowchart Geoscience Australia 2014 23/May/2014
Minerals and petroleum in Australia: a guide for investors Geoscience AustraliaDepartment of Industry 2014 11/Apr/2014
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the Captains Flat area, eastern Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales: July 2012-June 2013 Chisholm, E.I.Fitzherbert, J.A.Deyssing, L.Simpson, C.J. 2014 18/Mar/2014
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the Lachlan, southern Thomson and New England orogens, New South Wales, February 2011 - June 2013 Fraser, G. L.Gilmore, P.Fitzherbert, J.A.Trigg, S.J.Campbell, L.M.Deyssing, L.Thomas, O.D.Burton, G.R.Greenfield, J.E.Blevin, P.L.Simpson, C.J. 2014 11/Nov/2014