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A discussion on the gravity anomalies of the Precambrian shield of Western Australia Fraser, A.R. 1973 01/Jan/1973
A dual water wireline log interpretation model, computer program DW Morrison, G.R. 1984 01/Jan/1984
A field and laboratory study of acoustic impedances of rocks from Tumut, NSW Chopra, P.N.Spence, A.G. 1990 01/Jan/1990
A field classification and intensity scale for first-generation cleavages Durney, D.W.Kisch, H.J. 1994 05/Jun/2014
A field evaluation of the application of Carr-Boyd Geoscan-MSS imagery to regolith studies for an area southeast of Kalgoorlie, Western Austrlalia Craig, M.A. 1986 01/Jan/1986
A field guide to basin architecture and crustal evolution in the Paleoproterozoic-earliest Mesoproterozoic sequences of Mount Isa, northern Australia: a record of (Nuna) supercontinent breakup Gibson, G.M.Southgate, P.N.Neumann, N.L.Henson, P.A.Young, B. 2012 10/Oct/2012
A field summary of the geology of the Barkly Tableland Area Traves, D.M. 1947 11/Aug/2009
A further collection of limestones from Rough Range structure, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia Crespin, I.Belford, D.J. 1955 01/Jan/1955
A geochemical anomaly west of Mary Kathleen, Queensland Rossiter, A.G. 1974 01/Jan/1974
A geochemical orientation study in the Georgetown Inlier, north Queensland - preliminary results Bain, J.H.C. 1973 01/Jan/1973
A geochemical study of granitoids of the Boddington gold mine Cassidy, K.F.Champion, D.C.Wyborn, L.A.I. 1998 04/Jul/2012
A geological examination of Eldorado Mine, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory Ryan, G.R. 1958 01/Jan/1958
A geological history of eastern New Guinea Thompson, J.E. 1967 01/Jan/1967
A geological interpretation of the regional gravity and magnetic features of north Queensland Wellman, P. 1992 01/Jan/1992
A geological reconaissance in the Nassau Range, West New Guinea Dow, D.B. 1961 13/Jan/2010
A geological reconnaissance of the Jimi and Simbai Rivers, Territory Papua and New Guinea Dow, D.B. 1962 01/Jan/1962
A geological reconnaissance of the Katherine-Darwin region, Northern Territory with notes on the mineral deposits Noakes, L.C. 1949 01/Jan/1949
A geological reconnaissance of the Nambayat Creek area, Finisterre Range, New Guinea Siedner, G. 1958 01/Jan/1958
A geological reconnaissance of the New Hebrides Owen, H.B. 1951 01/Jan/1951
A geological reconnaissance of the Townsville-Bowen region, Northern Queensland Traves, D.M. 1951 01/Jan/1951