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Ferricrete in Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland Pain, C.F.Ollier, C.D. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Field relationships and tectonic history of the Hinckley Gabbro felsic to mafic granulites and granitoids, West Hinckley Range and Champ de Mars areas, Tomkinson Ranges, Musgrave Block, WA Mineral Provinces 13 Clarke, G.L.Glikson, A.Y. 1992 01/Jan/1992
First record of Callovian ammonites from West Kalimantan (Middle Jurassic, Kalimantan Barat, Borneo, Indonesia) Schairer, G.Zeiss, A. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Fluid inclusion and oxygen isotope data and summary of evidence for low-temperature gold, platinum and palladium (+uranium) mineralisation at Coronation Hill, Northern Territory, Australia Mernagh, T.P.Leckie, J.F.Carville, D.P. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Fossil shark teeth dredged from the Great Australian Bight Pledge, N.S. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Geochemical data analysis system (GDA): reference manual Sheraton, J.W. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Geographic information systems, cartographic and geoscience data standards, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics, 18-20 March 1992 : workshop proceedings Berman, D. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Geology of the Mount Hay-Mount Chapple massif (Arunta Block, Hermannsburg 1:250 000 sheet area, central Australia) Field report, 1990. A contribution to the Kimberley-Arunta NGMA Project. (Mineral Provinces 11) Watt, G. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Geology of the walking trails in Kakadu National Park; Jim Jim Falls area Needham, R.S. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Glacially grooved surfaces in the Grant Group, Grant Range, Canning Basin and the extent of Late Palaeozoic Pilbara ice sheets O'Brien, P.E.Christie-Blick, N. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Gulf of Carpentaria petroleum prospectivity study Passmore, V. 1992 03/May/2011
History of geoscientific investigations in West Kalimantan, Indonesia de Keyser, F.Noya-Sinay, J. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Hydrogeological modelling for an arid-zone borefield in Amadeus Basin aquifers, Alice Springs, Northern Territory Jolly, P.B.Chin, D.N. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Igneous rocks of the Ebagoola 1:250 000 sheet area, Cape York Peninsula, north Queensland : field, petrographic, and geochemical data Mackenzie, D.E.Knutson, J. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Integrated spatial information systems in BMR : a report on findings to the BMR IRMC Moore, R.F.Stagg, H.M.J.Chopra, P.N. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Integrating ER mapper into AGSO's spatial environment Chopra, P.N. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Interpretation of Ebagoola aeromagnetic and gravity data Wellman, P. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Kalgoorlie regolith terrain map commentary, sheet SH51, Western Australia Chan, R.A.Craig, M.A.Hazell, M.Ollier, C.D. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Late Carboniferous and Early Permian palynostratigraphy of the Joe Joe Group, southern Galilee Basin, Queensland, and implications for Gondwanan stratigraphy Jones, M.J.Truswell, E.M. 1992 05/Jun/2014
Late Cretaceous-Palaeogene nannofossil biostratigraphy of Challenger No. 1 well (Challenger Formation type section), offshore Perth Basin, Western Australia Shafik, S. 1992 05/Jun/2014