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BMR Research Newsletter 4 Geoscience Australia 1986 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 5 Geoscience Australia 1986 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 6 Geoscience Australia 1987 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 7 Geoscience Australia 1987 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 8 Geoscience Australia 1988 28/May/2013
BMR Research Newsletter 9 Geoscience Australia 1988 28/May/2013
Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Charts 2013 Smith, T.E.Kelman, A.P. 2013 27/May/2013
An Assessment of the Impact of the 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) on Australia Dulfer, H.Haynes, M.W.Hill, A.J.Howard, F.J.F.Miller, V.L.Norman, R.Romeyn, R.P.Schroder, I.F.Jiang, W. 2012 20/May/2013
Assessment of Mineral Potential, Geoscience Survey Capacity, Risk, and Geological Aid in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific Kay, P.Hoatson, D.M.Huleatt, M.Lewis, B. 2012 20/May/2013
Geodetic Survey of the Molonglo Radio Observatory Garthwaite, M.C.Hill, A.R.Yates, S.Twilley, B. 2013 20/May/2013
Hydrogeological Investigation of Palaeovalley Aquifers in the Wilkinkarra Region, Northern Territory Woodgate, M.F.Holzschuh, J.Wischusen, J.D.H.Lewis, S.J.Gow, L.J. 2012 20/May/2013
Predicting Seabed Sand Content across the Australian Margin Using Machine Learning and Geostatistical Methods Li, J.Potter, A.Huang, Z.Heap, A. 2012 20/May/2013
Australian Flood Studies Database - Cataloguing and Uploading Guidelines Martin, S.Zeilinger, I.Middelmann-Fernandes, M.H.Peljo, N.S. 2013 15/May/2013
Regional climate change impact modelling for Mandurah, Western Australia Hazelwood, M.Moore, D. 2012 15/May/2013
Index of airborne geophysical surveys: 13th edition Percival, P.J. 2012 03/May/2013
Methodologies for seabed substrate characterisation using multibeam bathymetry, backscatter, and video data: A case study for the Eastern Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, Northern Australia Siwabessy, P.J.W.Daniell, J.Li, J.Huang, Z.Heap, A.D.Nichol, S.Anderson, T.J.Tran, M. 2013 30/Apr/2013
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Vlaming Sub-Basin, Western Australia - Supporting Investigation for Geological Storage of CO2 GA334 Marine Environmental Survey Post-Survey Report Nicholas, T.Borissova, I.Radke, L.Tran, M.Siwabessy, J. 2012 26/Apr/2013
Geoscience Australia Science Principles Foster, C. 2013 19/Apr/2013
Stochastic ground-motion prediction equations for southeastern Australian earthquakes using updated source and attenuation parameters Allen, T.I. 2012 19/Apr/2013
Corporate Archive Collection Geoscience AustraliaNelson, C. 1950 09/Apr/2013