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A geological reconnaissance of the Upper Sepik-August River area, Sepik district, New Guinea Perry, W.J. 1956 01/Jan/1956
A geological reconnaissance of the country between Mt Hagan and Mongureba, Central Highlands district, Mandated Territory of New Guinea Ward, H.J. 1949 01/Jan/1949
A geological reconnaissance of the southern portion of the Australian Capital Territory McInnes, G.E.Jones, J.B. 1952 01/Jan/1952
A geological reconnaissance on the Markham and Upper Ramu drainage systems, New Guinea Mackay, N.J. 1955 01/Jan/1955
A geological study of stone artefacts in the collection of the Kakadu National Park Headquarters Needham, R.S. 1990 01/Jan/1990
A geological study of the northern part of the Fortescue- Cobia-Halibut field, Gippsland Basin, Victoria Felton, E.A. 1985 01/Jan/1985
A geological synthesis of Papua New Guinea Dow, D.B. 1977 01/Jan/1977
A geophysical investigation of the southern margin of the Musgrave Block, South Australia Leven, J.H.Lindsay, J.F. 1995 05/Jun/2014
A geophysical profile across Australia at 29S Dooley, J.C. 1979 05/Jun/2014
A geophysical review of the Carpentaria, Laura and Olive River Basins Pinchin, J. 1973 01/Jan/1973
A graphical method for preliminary location of earthquakes in the New Guinea-Solomon Islands region Cooke, R.J.S. 1969 01/Jan/1969
A gravity survey at Leigh Creek Coalfield, South Australia Thyer, R.F.Dooley, J.C. 1946 01/Jan/1946
A groundwater investigation on Norfolk Island (Appendices: 1 The modern coastal sedimentary rock complex of Norfolk and Nepean Islands Abell, R.S. 1976 01/Jan/1976
A groundwater quality assessment of the alluvial aquifers in the Logan-Albert catchment, SE Queensland Please, P.M.Bauld, J.Watkins, K.L. 1997 09/Sep/1997
A groundwater quality assessment of the fractured rock aquifers of the Piccadilly Valley, South Australia Ivkovic, K.M.Watkins, K.L.Cresswell, L.G.Bauld, J. 1998 04/Sep/1998
A guide to digitising stripchart profiles and seismic horizons Tilbury, L.A.Whitworth, R. 1981 01/Jan/1981
A guide to the production of shotpoint location maps using a digitising table and computer Tilbury, L.A.Whitworth, R. 1976 01/Jan/1976
A guide to the use and operation of program CONTOR Murray, A.S. 1977 01/Jan/1977
A heavy-mineral survey of the Forsayth area northeast Queensland Rossiter, A.G. 1983 05/Jun/2014
A high-speed method of continuous background correction in atomic absorption spectrometry III Direct determination of trace metals in sea water using the Varian Techtron Carbon Rod Atomizer, Model 63 Donnelly, T.H.Ferguson, J.Eggleston, A.J. 1974 01/Jan/1974