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Ravensthorpe airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, Western Australia 1960 Wells, R. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Reconnaissance gravity surveys, using helicopters, for oil search in Australia Vale, K.R. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Records of the Geological Branch laboratory July-December 1961 Greaves, G.J.G.Baker, S. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Regional gravity survey, central and northern Australia 1959 Radeski, A.M. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Regional gravity traverse Quilpie to Roma, Queensland 1960 Langron, W.J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report of geological work done during the relief voyage of the M. S. "Thala Dan" December-March 1961-62 Gregory, C.M. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on 1961 plant fossil collections White, M.E. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on Kumbruf gold prospect, Madang District, Territory of New Guinea Dow, D.B. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on activities during 1962 : Metalliferous Section, Geological Branch BMR. Geological Branch. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on the International Association of Vulcanology (I.A.V.) symposium on "Ignimbrites and Hyaloclastites", Italy, 16th September - 1st October, 1961 White, D.A. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on the International Symposium on Volcanology, Japan 1962 Branch, C.D. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on the symposium of the International Association of Scientific Hydrology (IASH) on 'Groundwater' in the arid zones' held at Athens, 11th to 21st October, 1961 White, D.A. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on tour of Malayan tin mining areas 27th March - 19th April, 1962 Best, J.G. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Report on visits to USA and Canada, 1961 (with particular reference to methods of aeromagnetic interpretation) Quilty, J.H. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Review of the age determination programme of the Bureau of Mineral Resources, Australia, 1956-1962 White, D.A. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Rockingham/Mundijong seismic survey, Western Australia 1956 Moss, F.J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Rosedale velocity survey of APM No 1 bore, Victoria, 1960 Watson, S.J.Lodwick, K.B. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Rum Jungle Creek and Rum Jungle Creek South prospects, geophysical surveys, Northern Territory 1960 Daly, J.Rowston, D.L. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Rum Jungle Creek south to Castelmaine Hill geophysical survey, Northern Territory 1961 Rowston, D.L. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Rum Jungle district, Northern Territory, introductory report on geophysical surveys 1960/61 Daly, J. 1962 01/Jan/1962