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EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Nuku'alofa, Tonga, April 2010 Brown, N.J.Lal, A. 2012 22/Sep/2014
EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Nuku'alofa, Tonga, September 2011 Yates, S.J.K.Lal, A. 2012 22/Sep/2014
EDM Height Traversing Levelling Survey Report: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, December 2009 Brown, N.J.Lal, A. 2012 23/Sep/2014
Evaluating the Role of Airborne Electromagnetics in Mapping Seawater Intrusion and Carbonate-Karstic Groundwater Systems in Australia Lawrie, K.C.Carey, H.Christensen, N.B.Clarke, J.Lewis, S.Ivkovic, K.M.Marshall, S.K. 2012 01/Jul/2014
GIS methods for hydrogeology mapping in Timor-Leste, QGIS version (free software): Vulnerability assessment of climate change impacts on groundwater resources in Timor-Leste Stewart, G.A.Craven, D.Dawson, S.Wallace, L.Sundaram, B. 2012 11/Apr/2014
Geoscience Australia and Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Geoscience Australia 2012 14/Nov/2012
Heat Flow Determinations for the Australian Continent: Release 4 Gerner, E.J.Kirkby, A.L.Ayling, B.F. 2012 20/Feb/2013
Hydrogeological Investigation of Palaeovalley Aquifers in the Wilkinkarra Region, Northern Territory Woodgate, M.F.Holzschuh, J.Wischusen, J.D.H.Lewis, S.J.Gow, L.J. 2012 20/May/2013
Impacts of Climate Change on Human Settlements and other Nationally Significant Infrastructure in the Coastal Zone Cechet, R.B.Hazelwood, M.Skene, D.Griffin, C.Dunford, M.A.Power, L.Canterford, S.Nadimpalli, K.Taylor, P.Woolf, M.Anderson, H. 2012 24/Jan/2013
Index of airborne geophysical surveys: 13th edition Percival, P.J. 2012 03/May/2013
National Coastal Geomorphology Information Framework: Discovery and Distribution Hazelwood, M.Nicholas, W.A.Woolf, M. 2012 06/Nov/2013
National Groundwater Monitoring Guide for Timor-Leste Sundaram, B.Wallace, L.Furness, L. 2012 11/Apr/2014
North Perth Basin 2D Gravity Models Petkovic, P. 2012 26/Jun/2012
Northern Territory Coastal Plain: Mapping Seawater Intrusion In Coastal Plain Aquifers Using Airborne Electromagnetic Data Tan, K.P.Clarke, J.D.A.Halas, L.Lawrie, K.C.Apps, H.E.Brodie, R.C.Costelloe, M.Sumner, J.Fell-Smith, S.Christensen, N.B.Schoning, G.Halas, V.Lewis, S. 2012 03/Jul/2014
Predicting Seabed Sand Content across the Australian Margin Using Machine Learning and Geostatistical Methods Li, J.Potter, A.Huang, Z.Heap, A. 2012 20/May/2013
Proceedings of the 2012 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference Huddlestone-Holmes, C.Gerner, E. 2012 09/Nov/2012
Proceedings of the Fire Weather & Risk Workshop 2011 Mills, G.A.Cechet, R.P.McRae, R.H.D. 2012 26/Jun/2012
Regional climate change impact modelling for Mandurah, Western Australia Hazelwood, M.Moore, D. 2012 15/May/2013
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Petrel Sub-basin, Northern Australia SOL5463 (GA0335) Post Survey Report (NLECI Program) Carroll, A.G.Jorgensen, D.C.Siwabessy, P.J.W.Jones, L.E.A.Sexton, M.J. 2012 07/Dec/2012
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Vlaming Sub-Basin, Western Australia - Supporting Investigation for Geological Storage of CO2 GA334 Marine Environmental Survey Post-Survey Report Nicholas, T.Borissova, I.Radke, L.Tran, M.Siwabessy, J. 2012 26/Apr/2013