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Savage River geophysical surveys, Tasmania 1960/61 (BMR Bull 120) Eadie, E.N. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Scott River geophysical survey for bog iron, Western Australia 1961 Stubbs, R.C. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Scott River magnetic survey, Western Australia 1962 Gregson, P.J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Sedimentary basins and palaeontology sections Summary of activities, 1962 BMR. Geological Branch. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Slaty Creek dam site geophysical survey near Cloncurry, Queensland 1960 Wiebenga, W.A.Mann, P.E. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Some examples of self-potential surveys Daly, J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
South Alligator River geophysical survey, Northern Territory 1961 Ashley, J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Southern Surat Basin, seismic survey 1961 Lodwick, K.B.Bigg-Wither, A.L. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Stability of the western side of Heavitree Gap, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, May 1962 Woolley, D.R.G. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Structural geology of Palaeozoic rocks, Cooktown 1:250 000 sheet area, Queensland Amos, B.J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Subdivision and correlation of the Middle Bowen beds Dickins, J.M.Malone, E.J.Jensen, A.R. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Summary of activities 1962 Miscellaneous investigations, map compilation and map editing Carter, E.K. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Summary of activities 1962 Resident geological section - Papua and New Guinea Taylor, G.A. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Surat Basin seismic reconnaissance survey, Queensland 1960 Smith, E.R.Lodwick, K.B. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Tennant Creek area airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, Northern Territory 1960 Spence, A.G. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Tennant Creek ground magnetic survey, Northern Territory 1958 O'Connor, M.J.Daley, J. 1962 01/Jan/1962
Tennant Creek magnetic survey, Northern Territory 1961 Douglas, A. 1962 01/Jan/1962
The Loluai copper prospect, Woodlark Island, Territory of Papua and New Guinea Pritchard, P.W. 1962 01/Jan/1962
The Mesozoic strata of Bauhinia Downs 1:250 000 sheet area Skwarko, S.K. 1962 01/Jan/1962
The Mesozoic strata of Katherine and Fergusson River 1:250 000 sheets Skwarko, S.K. 1962 01/Jan/1962